Z'ndr Kol

    Character » Z'ndr Kol appears in 9 issues.

    Adopted Coluan searching for his family who's an expert in Alpha Drives. Supergirl's ally.

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    Z'ndr Kol was created by Marc Andreyko and Evan Shaner. He made his first appearance in Supergirl #24.


    Journey for the Ch'tyl Flower

    Years ago, Z'ndr, who had been a scientist, set out to find the Ch'tyl flower, which had healing powers and was thought to be extinct. Just as he arrived at the Idieg Prime Cluster, at the end of the galaxy, and was reaching out to get ahold of the flower, the branch he had lowered himself with snapped and he fell.

    Landing on the ground, Z'ndr remarked that his surroundings looked to be greatly damaged, and he theorized that something had happened there. While walking around, he came across a piece of tech. He thought that it was of no use, but when he used it, he found a distress single in the Krpytonian language coming from it. Then, it appeared that the person giving the distress single had been hurt with an arrow, but Z'ndr realized that that arrow was real and he was faced with bad guys. His attempt to make friends was not accepted and he ran when they attacked him, and ended up falling again. When he landed, he thought of many questions of what had just happened. Hours later, Z'ndr then stumbled upon an altar.

    When he found his spaceship, he thought to himself about how even if he hadn't gotten the flower, he had uncovered a dead Kryptonian colony, a new alien race, and an artifact. He noted that his hope that this would impress his mother probably wouldn't happen before he flew away.

    Meeting Supergirl

    Z'ndr had been in a bar in space when a fight broke out between Supergirl and some other people that had been at the bar. Z'ndr was almost hit with a barrel that had been thrown at Kara when Kara warned him to look out, which prompted Z'ndr to fight the man who had almost hit him with the barrel. After the fight, Z'ndr introduced himself to Kara. When she walked away with Krypto, he followed and attempted to convince Kara to form an alliance, because Z'ndr was on a mission, like Kara was, to discover where his family was. She ultimately agreed when he offered to help her with her Alpha Drives, claiming that he could repair them.

    Allying with Supergirl

    They had come to the mutual agreement that Kara would drop Z'ndr off where her spaceship next landed, since what Z'ndr had really been in need of was a ride. However, during the flight, Kara and the spaceship were attacked. He helped her into a spacesuit that would help her against the Kryptonite that had originally hurt her. After helping Krypto get into his suit, Z'ndr theorized that whatever - or whoever - had damaged the Alpha Drives had damaged the ship's shields, too.

    When Kara journeyed into outer space with her suit, Z'ndr was left behind in the ship to watch over Krypto and to monitor Kara's stats within the suit. He warned her that the Kryptonite radiation levels outside were too high and Kara's suit wouldn't hold up for that much longer. Then, when she was attacked by Spylce, Z'ndr told her to deal with her quickly due to the worsening radiation levels. As the fight went on, he urgently told her to come back to the spaceship. When Kara told him to redirect all of her suit's solar energy onto her, Z'ndr reluctantly did it.

    After Kara disappeared while fighting Splyce, Z'ndr and Krypto set out to find out. They struggled with that at first until some hooded figures appeared on the spaceship and attacked Krypto. A hologram then told Z'ndr to come with the hooded figures peacefully, and Z'ndr made a comment that made it look like he had known the person in the hologram.

    Powers and Abilities

    Z'ndr appears to possess the standard Coluan power set, including superior intelligence and a lengthened lifespan. He has also shown to have combat skills when he fought alongside Supergirl and is capable of piloting/flying a spaceship.

    Personal Information


    • Eye Color: Purple
    • Hair Color: Blond


    • Species: Coluan
    • Occupations: Adventurer, scientist

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