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Ziff-Davis is a publishing firm that has been around since the 1920’s and is in fact still around to day publishing mainly computer and technology magazines and which is one of the biggest producers of on-line magazines.

They have had a diverse range of publications over the years, from Popular Electronics, to for a while, Amazing Stories the first science fiction pulp.

They however came late into publishing comic books, and did not stay long when they did. Starting in 1950 they produced dozens of titles, almost none of which lasted longer than half a dozen issues, they ended their try at comic books late in 1953. 

Their two most successful comics were G. I. Joe, which lasted 46 issues, and Kid Cowboy which lasted 10 issues.

The things that most distinguish a Z-D comic are their striking painted covers that more resemble the pulp magazines of an earlier era, the extensive use of violent and sexually suggestive covers on many of their comics, and the odd fact that they almost always start their books with issue # 10, but if it is able to last more than a half dozen issues switching to the number that it would have been at if they had started it at # 1, so that several of their comics have two # 10’s - 14 and no # 1 - 5.

This to say the least caused some consternation to collectors when the hobby became popular after Z-D left the comics business, which they did with the coming of the Comics Code Authority, which would never have approved of some of their covers.


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