Zhou Cheng

    Character » Zhou Cheng appears in 5 issues.

    The Ch’i-Lin seeks out every Iron Fist. Some die keeping the beast away from the egg. Others simply Die...Only Orson Randall was able to avoid him before Danny killed him.

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    Capable of mind control the Ch'i-Lin employed cops to aid in his attempted capture of Orson Randall and also Danny's pupils at the School of Thunder Dojo, in Harlem while attempting to take Daniel Rand's life.

    It is revealed by Ernst Erskine, Orson's biographer, that Orson used heroin to kill his own spirit and nullify his chi, thus nullifying Zhou Cheng's ability to track him.

    His ultimate plan is to uses the dead body of the deceased Iron Fist as a portal so his master canto enter K'un L'un and retrieve the Egg of Shou Lao the Undying so he can end the cycle of rebirth forever.
    While investigating his dwellings Fat Cobra finds what the Immortal Weapons have been looking for since they left their own dimensions for New York. He discovers a scroll which is the map to the 8th city which the creature calls home.
    Iron Fist's secretary, Nadine, is revealed to be dating Zhao and helping him takeover Rand's company. But when she reveals her pregnancy to him he reveals his true form to her and flings her aside. In a final confrontation he is defeated by Iron Fist who uses pure rage instead of his chi powers to decapitate the demon in a single strike in an impressive display of power.


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