Zheng Yi

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    Brother of Zheng Zu.

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    Zheng Yi was a Chinese sorcerer, younger brother of Zheng Zu, with whom he founded the Five Weapons Society, is uncle of Shang-Chi, Brother Sabre, Sister Hammer, Sister Dagger, Brother Staff and Sister Staff. After Yi's death, Zu changed the organization to crime, using names like Si-Fan and The Celestial Order of the Hai-Dai.


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    Zheng Yi appears as the unnamed twin brother of Zheng Zu in Secret Avengers #6, written by Ed Brubaker, first part of a five-issue story arc. In the arc, it is said that to increase his powers, Zu killed his brother and used the Eyes of the Dragon, however, in the mini-series Shang-Chi (2020), written by Gene Luen Yang, his story was retconned and his name revealed, Zheng Yi is the younger brother of Zheng Zu, it is said that Yi sacrificed his own life to empower his brother.


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