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Green Lantern
Status: Deceased
Space Sector: 2813
Sector Partner: Service predated sector partners
Homeworld: Unknown
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown; eventually Tomar Re


The Green Lantern of Sector 2813, Zharan Pel served nearly a quarter of a million years ago. He came upon a small world at the edge of his sector, under siege by an alien creature.  Zharan Pel battled what came to be knowen as the Armageddon Creature; thousands of years later to be known as Doomsday.  Adapting to the Green Lantern's power, the creature soon overcame Zharan Pel, killing him and taking his power ring. The Guardians of the Universe appeared as projections, which were obliterated by the Armageddon Creature.

Sensing the Guardians as powerful enemies, the creature used the ring to confront his foes. In a matter of hours, Doomsday made his way towards Oa, killing and disarming hundreds, and wounding a thousand members of the Green Lantern Corps. Arriving on Oa, the creature was halted by a Guardian. Locked in a contest of wills, the Guardian faltered as the Armageddon Creature adapted to his power.  Realizing the Armaggeddon Creature would soon overcome him and then advance on to the Central Power Battery, the Guardian released the totality of his energies, which destroyed the power ring and, seemingly, the creature as well.

Unknown to the survivors, the explosion tore a hole in space, hurling the creature light years away towards Calaton.


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