Zhang Chin

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    Chinese scientist

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    Early Encounters With Bucky

    Zhang Chin was a genius 12 year-old prodigy scientist being used by the Japanese government. He was rescued by the Invaders and the boy was amazed by the Human Torch(Jim Hammond). Years later while he is working for the Chinese government he is the head scientist on China's super soldier project and he creates The Man With No Face, a ghost like man who disapears in shadows and can turn intangible. Eventually Russia decides that Zhang is dangerous and Bucky, as the Winter Soldier, is sent to kill him. As Bucky is about to kill him, Zhang recognizes him and Bucky hesitates giving The Man With No Face time to attack him. Bucky realizes that he can't hurt The Man With No Face and chooses to abandon the mission and during his escape he kills Zhang's wife.


    At nearly 80 years old Zhang hires Batroc the Leaper to break into a UN lab to find out the location of the remains of the original Human Torch. During the break-in Batroc encounters Bucky, and Zhang recognizes him from the surveillance pictures. The next day Batroc and The Man With No Face steal the remains of the Human Torch from a UN armored transport vehicle. With the Human Torch's remains Zhang completes an airbourne virus that immediatelly kills people that he plans to use to kill half of the earth's population. Bucky, Black Widow, and Namor manage to stop him and Zhang has a heart attack during the fight. The Man With No Face sees this and looses focus making him tangible and giving Namor the opportunity to kill him.

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