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Yes! Better than Walking Dead!

ZFW (Zombies of Foreign Wars) 
Writer: Josh "Bile" Cantrell 
Artist: Hopskotch Sunday 
   Yeah, that's right.  I said it in the title.  This book is better than Kirkman's Walking Dead.  I know there are tons of readers and fans out there with the new hit series set to record on their DVR.  I know you may even be recording it while you watch the week's first airing.  I can understand it is good.  I love the comic, I love all things Kirkman, and I get amped about the show.  I will still stand by what I say.  ZFW is better. 
Fans of the Zombie genre have seen countless movies, read numerous pulp comics, and laughed at Marvel and DC trying to cash in on zombie fame.  This book is the next big thing!  It is the vantage point that we have all wanted we turn on our XBOX 360 to play some Left 4 Dead with your friends.  You know the 15 minute argument about who gets to be Bill.  Why do you want to be Bill?  You want to be Bill because he is the scruffy, gruff, Vietnam vet that gets all the good lines.  He also seems like the character most likely to survive that long in an apocalypse of that magnitude. 
If I don't have zombie fans' attention by this point, they weren't really fans.  Fans know what happens when pseudo-gothic, emo teenagers invoke the dark arts and summon the zombie apocalypse. The equation is simple.  Teens + Zombies = Zombies.  Cause the kids just plain get devoured.  The equation changes a little bit when you through a handful of battle tested combat Veterans into the equation.  Vietnam Vets + Zombies = An awesome book with impending doom for the mindless brain eaters. 
Cantrell happens to be a Veteran himself.  Some may not know what a VFW is.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars is a club/fraternal organization comprised of military Veterans from all branches of service who served part of their duty overseas or in a hostile environment.  The way this is written you can tell that Josh Cantrell has been to the local VFW.  It isn't uncommon to walk in and see the regulars up at the bar enjoying cheap drinks and the fellowship of individuals who share a unique experience with them. 
These Veterans' often bond together at forums such as the VFW and American Legion because they have seen and done things the average person hasn't.  They share nightmares, losses, and a bond which sets them apart.  Remember they are also trained killers.  These dynamics can call be witnessed in the small town VFW inside the pages of this book.  
Because this first batch of undead rose from a National Cemetery, I'm sure we will get our fare share of situations.  I hope the zombies can't strategize as well as their human prey.  Even that, could be an interesting twist though.
The story sucks you in.  The characters are interesting enough to keep you wanting more.  The art is some of the best Creators Edge Press has put out.  The book is far from cheesy and is by all means, not standard fare.   
I have to give this book a solid.     4.5 out of 5 Headshots

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