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    Rentarou's 29th girlfriend.

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    Zetsubouda Meru is a young fairy tale writer who feels that the world oozes despair everywhere, and that the only salvation for humanity are picture books full of hopes and dreams. The reason of this point of view is because ever since she was little, she always wanted to better mankind's lot, and after getting to know all the negatives of mankind, she decided to dedicate herself to find out about every possible misfortune in the world, which made her realize how full of despair the world is. However, she later realized that hopes and dreams do not live in this world, but rather in the hearts of mankind, and that the best thing that can be offered to these souls are fairy tales. Thanks to this, the deeper her despair for the world, the greater her yearning for fairy tales.


    Meru was created by Nakamura Rikito (writer) and Yukiko Nozawa (artist), and she first appeared in Weekly Young Jump No. 26 from 2024, in the 177th chapter of The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You.

    The name Zetsubouda Meru (雪房田夢留) is based on two different puns. Part of the surname (雪房田) has the same pronounciation as despair in japanese (絶望, zetsubou), but with different kanji. In a similar manner, her name (夢留) borrows the meru part from meruhen (メルヘン), which is one of the many ways to say fairy tale in japanese.

    Character Evolution


    Meru has long black wavy hair, and is normally seen with a normal high school uniform and a beret. When she was younger, she used to have clover-shaped pupils, which eventually disappeared after knowing the true reality of the world. She also has a long pointy mouth, which makes her smile look pointy on each end.


    Meru feels that the world is full of despair and irredeemable, and believes that only fairy tales have the capacity of helping the souls full of hopes and dreams. Because of this mentality, she enjoys writing and diving into fairy tales, that way she can draw up worlds full of hopes and dreams and "save" others from the world's despair. All of this shows that despite feeling the world is irredeemable, she's still a very selfless and noble person in the end.


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