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    Dr. Kurinji was a scientist that worked for the Omnisapient Organization . After a freak accident where a techno-organic virus infected people and turned them into machines, Dr. Kurinji was transformed into a cybernetic hybrid due to the Red Hulk trying to save her.

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    Dr. Kurinji was a scientist that worked for the Omnisapient Organization. Her physiology changed during an experiment with a technomorphic alloy that was altered by a virus created by MODOK when the Red Hulk severed her connection of the morphic system to her own cortex. Dr. Kurinji emerged as a hybrid of a human and a "smart" alloy that allows her body to form any technology she wants and dubbed herself Zero/One.
    Because of the intervention of Red Hulk that incidentally lead to her transformation, Zero/One, despite claiming to be purely logic without the burden of human emotion, blames him for her ills and actively seeks in killing and.or horrifically maiming the red giant and his allies. 
    However, after looking into the history of Red Hulk and his experiences that led him to join the military, she relented and stopped focusing on him as her primary target, now focusing instead on genetic manipulation of previously undiscovered planktonic creatures that lived in the oceans. In a subsequent encounter with Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk, where they arrived to stop her from attacking civilians and to end her robotic expansions, Zero/One attempted to finally finish off the Red Hulks, only to be betrayed by her cybernetic serial killer weapon Black Fog. The attack by her enemies and the near death she experienced at her former servant caused her to flee from visual reality. She is currently hiding, unleashing monsters to test on her enemies and trying to rebuild her shattered robotic control ship from the damage that it suffered through the combined efforts of her assistant Jacob, Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk and Machine Man.


    Zero/One was created by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman in 2011 and first appeared in Hulk # 31, although she appeared in Hulk #25 when she was still just Dr. Kurinji.


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