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    Zero is a legendary warrior, close friend of X, and one of the best Maverick Hunters there is.

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    The Red Maverick
    The Red Maverick

    Zero was built in the year 2XXX by the evil scientist, Dr. Wily, as another attempt to best Dr. Light's creation, Mega Man. Quite possibly Wily's most powerful creation, Zero was built based on blueprints stolen from Dr. Light's laboratory (that of the new Mega Man model known as X). It is unknown if Zero ever performed his primary function to destroy Mega Man. All that is known is that Zero was somehow put into stasis for the next hundred years.

    Zero's history with the Maverick Hunters began with Zero as the maverick. destroying everything in his path, a freshly awakened Zero was ready to create a swathe of destruction, just as he was programmed to do. The situation became so serious when Zero wiped out Gamma's unit that Sigma, the leader of the Maverick Hunters, had to fight Zero himself. During this fight, Zero stood little to no chance against Sigma's superior fighting skills until he severed his right arm. Afterward, Sigma was slowly becoming a victim to the Maverick's feral nature and was mercilessly beaten. Zero was then attempting to finish off the hunter commander by ripping off his head. However, before he could do so, something very strange occurred and Zero reeled back in pain as a large "W" appeared on the crystal in his head. Taking the brief moment of vulnerability, Sigma smashed his fist into Zero's crystal, rendering him unconscious (It is believed that at this moment, the "Irregular Virus" created by Wily was transferred from Zero to Sigma in a more contaminating form.) Zero was taken back to Maverick Hunter headquarters where he was repaired and reprogrammed to have the free will capacity of the newly found reploid, X.

    Major Story Arcs

    Maverick Wars

    After Zero's repairs were complete, he was refitted with up to date hunter weaponry. His obvious skill with his signature Z-saber was equal to none. Zero quickly rose to the elite ranks of the hunters, until finally he held the station of second-in-command under Sigma. When Sigma went maverick, Zero was given his title and put in charge of guiding the new recruit, X. Zero and X worked together for several missions and Zero ended up sacrificing himself to save X from the renegade hunter, Vile. Zero was rebuilt by Sigma's henchmen and controlled briefly, but an encounter with X allowed him to return to the proper state of mind. X eventually rose to become the leader of the hunters as Zero worked with him, tirelessly "retiring" mavericks and thwarting the plans of Sigma. After the Maverick Wars, Zero felt that his mere presence may cause more unneeded conflict as he was considered the most powerful reploid in existence So, in order to diminish these fears, Zero entered a stasis period that was supposed to last 100+ years.

    Elf Wars

    During the conflict known as the Elf Wars, Zero was reawakened to assist X and the reploid armies. However, once the first part of the wars were over, Zero once again believed himself to be too powerful. Zero sealed himself into a deep hibernation that X could not reawaken him from. Taking advantage of the opportunity, a group of scientists removed Zero's body for study, replacing it with a smaller duplicate body. A man known as Dr. Weil stole Zero's (old) body and refitted it to his creation Omega. After X's sacrifice, Weil and Omega were banished to outer space for their crimes against both humans and reploids.

    The Resistance

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    In the year ZZXX, Zero was awakened once again by a cyber-elf, Cassy, to save her friend, the genetically engineered scientist, Ciel, from a band of Neo Arcadian troopers. Zero was taken back to the resistance base where he launched his attack on the false ruler, Copy X.

    After Copy X's demise, the resistance general, Elpizo, went mad in search of power. He destroyed X's body, which housed the Dark Elf, and absorbed the power from within. Elpizo was quickly destroyed by Zero, but the Dark Elf escaped. Readings from the Dark Elf drew Weil and Omega back to Earth, where they encountered Zero once again. After Omega's defeat, Weil attempted to annihilate the human sanctuary in the impact crater of an old space-station that crashed into Earth years ago during the Maverick Wars, with his weapon, the Ragnarok, deep in space. Zero boarded Ragnarok, destroyed Weil, and sacrificed himself by destroying the weapon so that it would not hit the human colony. Sometime later, a BioMetal is recovered displaying Zero's abilities and was thus dubbed Model Z.

    Powers and Abilities

    Zero is a very powerful reploid. He has been shown to be able to take numerous attacks (including rockets, crashes from ships, and bullets)and continue fighting. Being a reploid, he has far greater strength than any human, going up to excess of 5-8 tons. He is extremely agile and very skilled in a variety of close-hand weaponry. His main weapon is his Z-Saber, which is a energy powered sword that can cut through super-hard metals in a single slice. One of Zero's most prominent abilities is that whenever he defeats a Maverick, he is able to copy that Mavericks attacks. He has numerous side weapons, including a Buster attached to his arm (a arm cannon), energy daggers, and a energy Halberd. He is a master fighter with his weapons, and is a skilled unarmed combatant. All Like most reploids, Zero does not age and can thus live a much longer life than any human. His endurance is high, and once he even fought for a year straight without repairs (although he did eventually collapse because the battle where he fought against a robot army was staged in a desert, and the damage combined with the sandstorm proved to be too much for the worn reploid to handle at the time).

    Weapons and Defenses

    Zero has displayed the use use of several weapons across his timeline. His primary weapon has always been the Z-Saber, which resembles a light-saber from Star Wars, but Zero can also utilize a buster similar to that of X called the Z-Buster. During the Maverick Wars timeline, Zero has been shown using a staff, daggers, and shield similar to his Z-saber, possibly acting as modifications or extensions to the Z-saber. Zero is also able to access the powerful Nightmare Armor, which significantly raises both his offensive and defensive capabilities.

    During the Resistance timeline, Zero once again utilized a weapon dubbed the Z-saber, however, this saber takes on a triangular appearance. Zero can still utilize a buster, however, it is just a conventional blaster commonly used by the Resistance troops instead of the in-arm buster as it was before. Zero utilizes a variety of new weapons provided to him by internal memory programs and the scientists at the Resistance Base. These weapons are: the Shield Boomerang, Triple Rod, Recoil Rod, and the Z-Knuckle.


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