Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #1

    Zero Hour: Crisis in Time » Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #1 - Zero Hour released by DC Comics on September 1994.

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    Cities begin to vanish and futuristic characters such as Impulse and Booster Gold disappear. Jack Garrick appeals to The Spectre for help. And Hal Jordan as Parallax reveals his plan to reform and reshape the universe--as he sees fit!

    The two temporal rifts continue to eat away at the DC universe. Coast City is destroyed by the temporal rift, sending Supergirl, Steel, Guy Gardner and an alternate-version Batgirl fleeing to New York City to meet up with the other heroes. The time rifts have hit the 20 century, and the heroes need to regroup. Unfortunately, the four cannot keep pace, and Steel is lost to the rift.

    In NYC, as Power Girl gives birth, the heroes try to regroup after failing to stop the rifts. As the future rift continues to eat away at future eras, both Impulse and Booster Gold disappear, as the 30th and 25th centuries fall to the rifts. Jay Garrick manages to enlist the aid of the Spectre before the year he was born is eaten by the rift. Metron uses his Mother Box to guide the heroes to the Vanishing Point, for one last ditch effort to determine how to stop the rifts. Metron and the heroes free the Linear Men, as they try to recreate the fallen Waverider.

    In the 20th century, Extant wraps up some loose ends by stopping those that could interfere with his plans. He kills the Leymen, and then kills Batman. The heroes try to avenge Batman’s death, but at this point Extant is too strong. That is, until Waverider appears again. Metron’s team was successful in recreating the accident that created Waverider. The heroes defeat Extant, and victory seems within their grasp. That is, until Extant’s boss shows himself: Hal Jordan.

    Hal Jordan, as Parallax, explains that it is he that has created the time rifts that threaten to destroy the universe. He plans on recreating the universe in his own image; a universe where Coast City was not destroyed and where Jordan never lost himself to madness. The heroes try to stop Jordan, but are too late as the rifts finish off the 20th century. Jordan muses on his plans as the universe fades to white.


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