Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #0

    Zero Hour: Crisis in Time » Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #0 - Zero Hour released by DC Comics on September 1994.

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    Hal Jordan, as Parallax, begins the task of recreating the universe. With him are people he thinks will be sympathetic to his cause: Extant, Guy Gardner and alternate timeline heroes Alpha Centurion, Batgirl and Triumph. Gardner rejects Jordan’s plan, but is kept in line by Alpha Centurion, who realizes that the only way he’ll continue to live is if Jordan has his way.

    Meanwhile, Waverider has managed to save a group of eleven heroes by retreating to the Vanishing Point. The heroes try to make sense as to why Jordan would do something so villainous as wipe out all of time. Waverider proposes that the heroes recreate the universe before Jordan gets a chance to do it.

    In the blankness of nothing, the heroes attack Jordan. Alpha Centurion and Batgirl fight on Jordan’s side, but Gardner turns and attacks Extant. During the fight, the Spectre shows up, and tries to shackle Jordan. While both the Spectre and Green Arrow try to distract Jordan, the other heroes gather up the creation energies Jordan had been working with to recreate the universe. The Spectre weakens Jordan, allowing the heroes to channel their energies through Waverider and into Damage.

    Spectre is weakened by Jordan, and the alternate version Batgirl sacrifices herself to have Green Arrow. Arrow, angered at Batgirl’s death, fires an arrow at Jordan’s chest just as the rest of the heroes drain the last of his energy. Powerless, the arrow sinks into Jordan’s chest, killing him. The Spectre claims his soul, as Damage explodes, recreating the Big Bang.

    The heroes, thanks to Waverider, watch the timeline be rebuilt, era by era. They reenter the timeline at the point they left, and find that all the heroes destroyed by rifts have survived. Time has restarted, with some minor changes that will allow for time to run better. Oliver Queen though, hating himself for killing Jordan, gives up being Green Arrow.


    • Back cover contains a threefold double sided timeline of the DC universe.
    • Most teams and characters have cameo appearances in the DC timeline at the end of the issue.


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