Character » Zephyr appears in 22 issues.

    Zephyr was a member of the Elementals. She has became an ally of the Avenger Ms Marvel and has also been an ally and lover to the Asgardian thunder god Thor.

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    Zephyr was once a tavern wench who was approached by the other Elementals, when they desired an air user for their group. She more than fulfilled her part. She could generate powerful winds with ease as well as being able to also demonstrated mental powers, sufficient to control other minds or cast illusions. The other Elementals Hellfire, Hydron and Magnum had a tendency to treat her as an inferior, though she was the one sent as the advance force in all of their missions. She eventually turned on them and aided in their defeat. Zephyr eventually joined the Asp and Miles Olddan in their adventures. When the Elementals located her again, Hydron swiftly dehydrated her. Blackmailing the two adventurers to hand over the Ruby Scarab in exchange for Zephyr's survival. 


    Zephyr is a Marvel comic book character and was created alongside other members of the Elementals Hellfire, Hydron and Magnum created by Tony Isabella and Val Mayerik, appearing first in Supernatural Thrillers #8 released in 1974. 

    Major Story Arcs

    Astonishing Thor

    Zephyr Pushes Thor
    Zephyr Pushes Thor
    Thousands of years ago Zephyr stole the Seduction Ruby from Thor. He chased after her and when he caught her the two fell in love. When they made love the earth almost split in two from the combination of their passion and power, so they parted ways. Years later Zephyr and the Elementals are captured by the Collector. Zephyr uses her ruby she stole from Thor to as a bargaining chip with the Collector into letting her roam free in his museumWhen Thor arrives on the Collector's space museum Zephyr is friendly and amicable but it is a rouse as she aids Collector in entrapping him.  
    Reminiscing later about her past with the Thunder god, her love for Thor surpasses her loyalty to the Collector and she tinges of regret. Thor eventually escapes and Zephyr decides to instead help and aid him in his mission to stop Ego and Alter Ego, two living planets from destorying earth and each other. The Collector realizes he has been seduced and betrayed and punishes  and tricks Zephyr into a black hole. She emerges 600 years in the past and on the other side of the universe. She gets back to the warring planets just in time to save Thor and to reconstruct Alter Ego. She is last seen leaving with Ego and Alter Ego to tour the universe looking for their destiny. 

    Powers and Abilities 

    As an Elemental Zephyr possesses powerful wind and air elemental powers. She also has a degree of psychic powers and abilities allowing her to manipulate energy generally to an unknown extent.  She is also immortal having lived many centuries with no visible signs of aging. Resistant to diseases and conventional forms of injury. Physically powerful and robust when compared to an ordinary human. Her powers can be amplified by the Ruby Scarab. Zephyr can also open dimensional portals.  

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