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    Faith Herbert is a psiot with the power of flight. She is a member of Peter Stanchek's Renegades and often acts as the moral compass of the team.

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    Faith Herbert was recruited by Toyo Harada to join his Harbinger Foundation. A latent psiot, Faith's ability of flight was unlocked by Peter Stanchek. Faith was present during Peter's attack against Harada, which resulted from Harada ordering Joe's (Peter's best friend) death. She saved him from the brink of death just as he was falling from the Harada Conglomerates building.Peter being badly injured requested Faith bring Kris Hathaway to him.

    Taking on the name Zephyr, she appeared at Kris' window asking that she see to Peter, as he is gravely injured from his attack against Harada. She agrees together Zephyr and she fly to the old abandoned post office, where Peter is lying sickly. He suggest to Kris that she should kill him for all the pain he has caused her, she however declines. Instead she petitions the idea of robbing a local bank with the help of Peter, and Zephyr, which he agrees to in hopes of putting him in good terms with Kris. Kris is able to lure Harada to her home informing him that Peter will be there, however it is all just a ruse. P.R.S. let out an airstrike on the home, thinking they'd had finally killed Peter, little did they know Harada was inside, he then proceeded to murder the remaining P.R.S. troops with his psionic abilities.

    Kris had her family moved to a nearby hotel and explained to them why she had to go away for a while and for them not to worry. Together, Zephyr, Kris, and Peter set out to track down anyone possessing latent psiot abilities before Harada could get to them.


    Zephyr possesses the psionic ability of flight. She's often described as bearing so much weight, yet being light as a feather.

    Zephyr has recently shown the ability to move things with her psionic abilities including people, objects as well as the ability to create psionic shields/barriers and even psionic attacks mimicking gusts of wind.


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