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    Inhabitants of the peaceful planet Zenn-La

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    Zenn-Lavians (later in history referred to as Zenn-Lans) are an alien species of humanoids from the planet Zenn-La. Highly evolved over generations, Zenn-Lavians are a peaceful race similar in appearance to humans, the only noticeable difference being the shape of the eyes.  
    A people of science, Zenn-Lavians have created a Utopian society were robots and technology are responsible for nearly all tasks. Although some are content with this way of life, some commit suicide or rely on entertainment inducing drugs. Many believe that the society had become complacent and wished to restore Zenn-La to it's true greatness.  
    The Zenn-Lavians were nearly destroyed by Galactus, but were saved by the sacrifice of one of their own - Norrin Radd. He would become the Silver Surfer and would later be the protector of Zenn-La. 
    The Zenn-Lavians were later destroyed by the Other in the year 1947, making the Zenn-Lavians nearly extinct.  
    For a full history of the Zenn-Lavian people, see Zenn-La.


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