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    Zenn-La is the homeworld of the Silver Surfer in the Marvel Universe.

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    A Utopian paradise that had eliminated all forms of disease, poverty, and hardship from their society, Zenn-La was the first planet selected by Galactus to provide him with sustenance that he spared due to Norrin Radd's agreement to become his herald, the Silver Surfer.


    Zenn-La is located in the Cygnus constellation. It is the fourth planet of thirty-seven revolving around the star Deneb. The planet rotates faster than Earth causing shorter days.


     In the distant past the Zenn-Lavians worshiped several pantheons of gods that are now known as the Old Gods of Zenn-La Thrann, the Saint of Science taught them to embrace science ironically bringing an end to the worship of the gods despite their attempt to reconnect.  The Zenn-Lavians turning their backs on the gods led the gods to turn their backs on them even in the face of disaster.


    From Chaos to Enlightenment

    Norrin Konn - Father of Zenn-La
    Norrin Konn - Father of Zenn-La
    Originally, Zenn-Lavians were full of lust and hate. Once some realized that they would eventually exterminate themselves in a few generations, they turned to science.  The god Thrann is credited with bringing about this change.  Some would not follow the path of the rationality and logic and civil war broke out on the planet. The technological side was led by Norrin Konn and the people that wished to follow the old ways was led by a female Warlord. The Warlord was eventually defeated and Zenn-La came to be in a technological, enlightened era.

    Zenn-La became a supremely technologically advanced world. Marvels in science made it so no Zenn-Lavian need ever dirty their hands. Everything was controlled by computers and robots. Zenn-Lavians had a peaceful utopia with no need for war or violence. Before this time though, Zenn-Lavians waged war on each other for ten thousand centuries, as do most civilizations. This ended and the Zenn-Lavians began to explore space but eventually their technology advanced so much that this became an old practice.

    This advanced society became bored with having nothing to do. Some people resorted to drugs to send them into mind-altering adventures. Others used psycho-recreational arts, a form of leisure device that transfers dreams into one's mind. Others still could not bare this type of life and committed suicide. Some believed the the advances in science were wasting the people away from their prior greatness.

    When Galactus' spaceship approached the planet, the Zenn-Lavians being a peaceful race they were defenseless. The people panicked, and in desperation they used a museum piece, the last remaining weapon on Zenn-La. They called it the Supreme Weapon and fired it at the ship. It was so destructive it knocked nearby planets from their orbits and created worldwide destruction. Zenn-La itself only survived because of it's force field. Zenn-La was to be consumed by Galactus but Norrin Radd gave himself to the being in exchange for the safety of his people. He thus became the Silver Surfer.

    Destruction and Rebirth

    When the Surfer rebelled against his master he imprisoned him on Earth and returned to Zenn-La, consuming it's energy. In a rare moment, Galactus gave the residents of the planet 24 hours to escape. The planet was left barren but the Zenn-Lavians survived. After the heat and smoke settled, they returned and created large camps to live in. The planet remained barren with only weeds growing from the soil.

    When Mephisto brought Shalla Bal, Norrin's long lost love, to Earth only to take her away to torment the Surfer he was able to give her some of his Power Cosmic. With this power she was able to start growth on the dead planet wherever she stepped foot. Because of this power she was named Empress of Zenn-La. They began to rebuild and with their technologic expertise they were able to quickly rebuilt their society.

    Kree-Skrull War

    Zenn-La was threatened to be in the middle of the Second Kree-Skrull War. When the Skrulls approached the planet to make it an ally the Silver Surfer turned them away. He vowed to Shall Bal to be protector of the planet. When the Kree came to recruit them the Surfer destroyed their ships. Later in a meeting with Nenora, Supreme Leader of the Kree Empire, she agreed to leave the planet out of the war.

    After helping to save Galactus' life from the Elders of the Universe, Galactus has agreed to never devour Zenn-La ever again.

    The planet's population was then attacked by the Obliterator, who decimated the population. He threatened to destroy the entire planet. Silver Surfer managed to lure him away.

    The planet was again attacked by the Kree Empire after a misunderstanding between Supreme Leader Nenora and the Silver Surfer. Zenn-La allies with the Skrulls against the common enemy. Again, the Surfer managed to persuade her to leave the planet out of the war. She tells him though that the empire will hunt him wherever he goes and he is not to return to the planet. By the end of the war, the Surfer had no obligations to hold up this agreement. With the Kree defeated, the Empress witnessed the truce between the waring races. But this was only temporary and the planet was still at risk.

    The Enslavers

    The entire race of the Zenn-Lavians was captured by the Enslavers, and they left no trace of what happened. The Silver Surfer consulted Mr. Fantastic on Earth and decided he should search harder. He was eventually led to the Enslavers ship and their ruler Mrrungo-Mu. He was able to defeat Mrrungo and free all of his captors, including the Zenn-Lavians. Along with Shalla Bal, he returned them back to their planet.

     A Chance for Peace

    The Great One
    The Great One
    Zenn-La was then met by the Great One, who preserved worlds in his own mind. He gave the people the choice to leave the universe behind and be protected forever. They unanimously voted to stay with the Great One. Inside his mind, all Zenn-Lavians were made immortal and lived  peaceful, happy lives. The Silver Surfer even returned with the help of Moondragon and lived in peace for the first time since meeting Galactus. But out of fear, the Great One attacked him and received a mortal wound. If he were to die then so would Zenn-La. With the help of Moondragon, he was able to rescue the planet from destruction, but not before losing Empress Shalla Bal in the process. The citizens blamed the loss of both the Great One's protection and their Empress on the Silver Surfer.

    Return of the Empress

    With the help of Adam Warlock, the Silver Surfer was able to resurrect Shalla and she once again returned to be the Empress of Zenn-La. It was here that she met Fennan Radd and formed a relationship with him. He believed the people to be falling into irresponsibility and laziness due to the level of advancement their society had achieved and their Silver Surfer worship.

    All An Illusion

    The Silver Surfer was alerted that their was trouble on Zenn-La and rushed there to see the planet falling apart. The current Captain Marvel was trying to stop the source, but the Surfer stopped him. They watched as the planet just evaporated into thin air. The Surfer lost his emotions and certain memories after this.
    The Surfer went back in time to unlock his emotions and memories and discovered the truth. Zenn-La was destroyed in the Earth year 1947 by The Other. Galactus knew one day his herald would leave him and return home, so he created an illusion so lifelike that no one would ever know.

    Zenn-Lavian People

    Origin Galaxy: Milky Way
    Star System: Deneb
    Planet: Zenn-La, 4th from the sun
    Estimated Population: 500
    Physical Characteristics:
    • Type: Humanoid
    • Eyes: Two
    • Fingers: Five, with opposable thumb
    • Toes: Five
    • Skin Color: Pink
    • Average Height: 6'0''
    Special Adaptations: Zenn-Lavians have average lifespans of thousands of years
    Level of Technology: Advanced
    Type of Government: Utopia
    Names of Representatives: Yarro Gort, Norrin Konn, Elmar Radd, Jartran Radd, Fennan Radd, Shalla Bal, Warlord, Norrin Radd, Anddar Bal
    Called Zenn-Lans in some later stories.

    Places of Interest

    Zenn-La City
    Zenn-La City
    The City of Zenn-La - The first city to give itself over to technology before the civil war. Inside is the great Hall of Science, which still stands currently.

    The Paths of Jendu-Van - Once a huge metropolis before Galactus, it is now a series of clearings in the woods.

    The Birth-Bloc - One of the first areas reforested after Galactus' attack

    Silver Surfer Monument - Placed by the Surfer himself, it is a small memorial about two feet high where he was born. It states 'Here was born the Silver Surfer a son of Zenn-La.' It originally said Norrin Radd, but he changed it.

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