Character » Zenith appears in 122 issues.

    Zenith was Grant Morrison's first ever foray into the superhero comic writing world.

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    A spoiled, selfish and occasionally super-powered pop-star, Zenith found out he had inherited the legacy of Britain's legendary superheroes, Cloud Nine-- and he didn't care.

    He discovered that a Nazi ubermensch was trying to bring about the invasion of Lovecraftian horrors from beyond spacetime-- and he shrugged.

    He was nearly used to breed a master race so a corrupt businessman could conquer the world with super-soldiers-- and he whined.

    All the possible parallel universes were nearly wiped out-- and he sneered.

    Basically, if he weren't dragged by his heels into battle by ex-Cloud Niner Peter St. John every time super-trouble cropped up, this would have been a very short story: Bad guys win, the end.


    Capable of flight, superhuman strength, and invulnerability . Although his abilities depend on his own biorythym cycle, and because of this at times he would be left powerless. Two other abilities or powers of his include telepathy ( limited to thought projection ) and pyrokinesis which could have been inherited from his mother. A drawback to these particular abilities would be that they are completeley undeveloped and he lacks the discipline to manifest his powers and control them.


    His name derives from his stage act due to him being a pop star. He is not a superhero because of this but joins the battle against the Lloigor along with other heroes.


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