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    Volume » Published by Editions Lug. Started in 1963.

    Zembla is a small format magazine from Lug editions. This review is named after the hero of the main series it contains. It began in July 1963, at the same time as the review Blek.

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    French pubication.

    479 issues from July 1963 to December 1994.

    • 001-199 unpublished adventures (1963-1973)
    • 200-297 unpublished adventures and alternating reissues (1973-1979)
    • 298-479 reissues (1979-1994)
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    In the first issues of the periodical, one will find in addition to Zembla the tales of Fury, as well as Mac which contribute positively to the success of the journal. Note that these three stories are Lug creations and all feature a trio of heroes. Later the review will contain Gun Gallon

    (Lina Buffolente), a fantastic series, as well as Rakar (Franco Frescura and Ivo Pavone) who are among the great masterpieces of the publisher.

    The origins:

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    It is the artist Augusto Pedrazza who gave life on paper to this Tarzan clone under the leadership of Marcel Navarro, created to compete with the Italian character Akim also created by Pedrazza.

    After a few episodes, Franco Oneta takes over because Pedrazza cannot ensure the drawing of Akim and Zembla simultaneously.

    Zembla quickly became one of Lug's biggest hits until the 1980s when the rise of Marvel publications condemned the character to reissues.

    Characters :

    In the original version, Zembla's friends are:


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    a conjurer in a frock coat, wearing a top hat, a parody of Mandrake; he misses all his sleight of hand. Sometimes he wears a red cape on one side and black on the other; despite this part in red, it often happens to him to listen to a conversation behind a bush without being noticed. One of his favorite lines is mash from the rest of us, and he often exclaims "Funeral!" ".


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    a black child with a helmet marked MP (meaning Military Police); its ticking (an alarm clock hanging on a necklace) is a formidable weapon, but it can happen that it rings at an inappropriate time. One of his favorite expletives is “By Saint Frusquin! ".


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    a kangaroo, a great fruit lover; although he does not eat meat, he helps Zembla hunt to feed their little troop. Satanas (a wild cat, possibly a serval). He is always hungry, dreaming of hunting "plump gazelles"; he frequently gets angry with Rasmus, Pétoulet or Yéyé, but he is ready to give his life for them without a shadow of hesitation. One of his favorite expletives is "By Astaroth!" "


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    a placid lion acting as a wise man. "Bwana" is a Swahili term meaning "Master" or "Sir"; it is likely that the authors of Zembla took it based on the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs relating The Adventures of Tarzan. In the 1970s series, when seen in color, his mane is depicted the same color as that of an ordinary lion. On the other hand, in the text of this comic, it is indicated that his mane is white. In the new series, he is depicted with a white mane.


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    the wild cat who is always hungry. He dreams of hunting "plump gazelles"; he frequently gets angry with Rasmus, Pétoulet or Yéyé, but he is ready to give his life for them without a shadow of hesitation. One of his favorite expletives is "By Astaroth!" "


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    the queen of the Gombars tribe; she often gets angry with Rasmus; she plans to marry Zembla who is anything but okay.


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    Compared to other Tarzan imitations, He is differentiated by a kind of suspender on his shorts: the suspender and the shorts are in a single piece cut from the skin of a leopard, killed in single combat.

    The new Zembla:

    The original series was published continuously until the 1980s. It was in 2000 that Semic reintroduced it for new adventures. New characters then appear, recurring enemies and the hero even gains a classic identity.

    "Secondary" Series


    • During the Boer War in South Africa, Pieter Paar and Arnoldus fight the English
    • In question, the discovery of gold deposits in the Transvaal
    • Series edited in ZEMBLA 244 to 263, reissued in YUMA 304 to 311 - Origin LUG

    Silver wings

    • Aviation series where we follow the adventures of Captain Waye and his friend Bush
    • Beginning in ZEMBLA 264-265, the continuation in OMBRAX 154 to 158 - Origin LUG

    Bill and Barry

    • Adventure series with a teenager and an Irish sailor
    • Series published in ZEMBLA 174 to 179 - 182 to 199


    • Western LUG which narrates the adventures of Bozart, Artémus, Tobey, Bingo a young boy in 1820
    • Series published in ZEMBLA 214 to 221-224 to 239 and RODEO 601 to 624

    Captain Tiger

    • Series recounting the humorous and eventful journeys of Captain Tiger, his brother Grizzly and his mother Ma Storm, inhabitants of Papeete
    • Series published in ZEMBLA 224 to 243 and republished in KIWI 468 to 476 - Origin LUG
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    Dan Storm

    • Western original LUG published in ZEMBLA 148 to 161 and republished in ZEMBLA 426 to 432
    • The adventures of three young boys, Dan, Izzy and Peter

    Dick Demon

    • Western original LUG published and republished in ZEMBLA
    • Two twins helped by Lord Balmor and Baratini fight the outlaws
    • Unpublished SEMICs have appeared MUSTANG 309 to 313

    Frank Universal

    • United Nations environmental investigator and assistant Sally Swift tackle threats to the environment
    • Origin LUG - Series published in ZEMBLA 246 to 263 A SEMICVERSE version appeared in the series Contes du
    • SEMICVERSE from YUMA 2nd series


    • The Adventures of Lieutenant Fury in the Korean War
    • Series edited in ZEMBLA 1 to 16, episodes 17 to 20 were edited in BAROUD 46 to 49 then all were re-edited in MUSTANG 100 to 120 A complementary episode appeared in SPECIAL RODEO 22
    • then reissued in MUSTANG 116 - Origine LUG
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    • In the time of the Gauls, the adventures of Gallix and his friends Fripon a young boy and T'sin an Asian
    • Series published in ZEMBLA 55 to 63 and reissued in BLEK 340 to 346 - Origin LUG

    Guillaume Tell

    • The fictionalized LUG story of the famous archer, his son Walter and his friend Kunz
    • Edition in ZEMBLA 17 to 59 - Reissue in BLEK 400 to 433

    Gun Gallon

    • Following a shipwreck in the middle of the ocean, two men are swept along by a dizzying current in the bowels of the Earth. In an unknown world sheltering strange creatures, Gun Gallon and Milord the troubadour dwarf travel through time and are confronted with various heroes or fantastic characters Science-fiction of LUG origin published in ZEMBLA 64 to 105,109 to 115, 120 to 139 , 174 to 191, republished in ZEMBLA 374 to 416
    • Another version appeared in BLEK 396 to 399 - Reissues also appeared in MUSTANG 286 to 301

    Ivan the visionary

    • The adventures of a young telepath, his father, a police inspector and Deputy Bombard
    • Original LUG series present in ZEMBLA 162 to 173
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    Jacky West

    • Western original LUG
    • Jacky West is a man wearing the mask of Koron the god of carnage during his adventures
    • Series present in ZEMBLA 198 to 213

    The cucaracha

    • In the USA, the story of a young black persecuted by the KU KLUX KLAN
    • LUG origin story published in ZEMBLA 106 to 108

    The cave dwellers

    1. Fantastic adventures of a bunch of young people who see at night
    2. Origin LUG - Series published in ZEMBLA 116 to 119 and 126 to 131

    Bargain hunters

    • The adventures of a gang of young second-hand dealers
    • Origin LUG - Series published in ZEMBLA 192 to 197
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    The treasures of Golconda

    • Original LUG series present in OMBRAX 165 to 170
    • and republished in ZEMBLA 445 to 450

    The five-pointed star

    • Original LUG police series present in OMBRAX 159 to 164 and reissued in ZEMBLA 439 to 444
    • Five people come together to form a force against evil. Only one of the five is p
    • bones by evil which will not make the team's task easier


    • Western original LUG appeared in ZEMBLA 1 to 16 and 222-223, the sequel in SPECIAL ZEMBLA 7-8
    • The story of a Scotsman in the Wild West

    Madison Bill

    • Madison Bill is a former boxing champion living in Chicago in the 1920s during Prohibition
    • Since his retirement, he has taken refuge in alcohol, going from bar to bar, aligning fight after fight. Until the evening when he finds the young lucky sleeping in a trash can. He then decides to accommodate the teenager and now puts his strength at the service of justice LUG series published in ZEMBLA 17 to 22 and republished in NEVADA 319 to 324
    No Caption Provided


    • Underwater Sci-Fi LUG Series
    • In Atlantis, the adventures of the inhabitants of an underwater city


    • Rakar has a dual identity. His public identity is that of Grand Sachem of the last Indian tribe of South Dakota, his secret identity is that of Rakar, a vigilante trying to bring peace between pale faces and red skin LUG series published in SPECIAL ZEMBLA 23 at 28 and in ZEMBLA
    • Reissue of ZEMBLA 60 to 62 and SPECIAL ZEMBLA 27 in MUSTANG 49 to 51

    Rip Mac Queen

    • Original LUG journalistic series published in ZEMBLA 142 to 147
    • Rip Mac Queen reporter and photographer Stud Stomper investigate for the Chicago Tribune

    Rory bang

    • "Rory Bang" is a comedy series with semi-realistic drawings. It features a lonely, insightful cowboy, persecuted by a group of Indians. In the course of his adventures, he will make several companions with various personalities, including a reckless squaw in love with him, a fearful Scotsman, but very lucky, and two Indians with complementary characters ... This comic is also quite generous in puns and reversals of situations, the wrong dosage of which reduced the interest and resulted in only eleven episodes
    • Without that, it's a pretty good series served by a very good graphics. Series published in RODEO 625 to 628 and in ZEMBLA 200 to 211
    No Caption Provided


    • Western original LUG appeared in ZEMBLA 281 to 286
    • Young Indian TIKI, John John Cowboy & Rosy Are Looking For Assassin

    Tocard gang

    • The somewhat humorous adventures of a band of looser called Tocard Gang during the 1920s in New York City. It is a bunch of thugs who despite their imagination and determination, each time miss their bad shots Original LUG series appeared in ZEMBLA 264 to 280 and whose last episode appeared in NEVADA 427

    Tom billiby

    • Western original LUG appeared in ZEMBLA 23 to 54

    Wingo Scout

    • Western which tells the adventures of a scout and his friend Toby the sponge
    • LUG series present in ZEMBLA 287 to 294
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