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    The Lion-man

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    The son of French adventurer Paul Marais who had had to flee into the jungle and after being wounded and near death is rescued by native princess Ula.

    The pair are about to get married when Paul and Ula have to go on the run when her father Thudor violently disapproves of their marriage.

    Ending up in the deepest part of the jungle they have a son, it’s not long after this that Ula’s father finds the couple and kills them.

    About to also murder the new born the child is saved by a lioness whom Thudor had earlier killed the cub of.

    Raising the baby as her own the human child comes to be known as Zem-bla, or the Lion-Child, in the language of the lions.

    Somehow Zembla is able to eventually learn the ways and language of people  and with the aid of his companions, Bwana the white lion, Wombo the gorilla, Satanas a large cat of a mystery species, Petoulet the jungle kangaroo (no really a jungle kangaroo), Ye-Ye a local native teenager, Takuba queen of a lost race, and Rasmus a bungling stage magician, Zembla deals with the usual gang of smugglers, bandits, mad scientists, dinosaurs, and wild critters    


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