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    Zelda is a clone of X-23 and was part of the three sisters. She died during their mission against their creators.

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    Zelda was the eldest of the Sisters, four clones of Wolverine (Laura Kinney) created by Alchemax Genetics, and was the leader of the group, though her control over Bellona was at times limited. She was particularly concerned about her youngest sister, Gabby, and along with Bellona went through great lengths to protect her from the worst of what Alchemax did to them.


    Zelda was created by Tom Taylor and David Lopez and first appeared in All-New Wolverine issue 2 (2016).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting X-23

    Like the other Sisters, Zelda was unable to feel pain due to nanomachines infesting her body. These same machines were also slowly killing her. Wolverine and Wasp were able to destroy those machines by shrinking down and entering her bloodstream, however at the same time Alchemax Genetics' chief of security, Captain Mooney, tracked them to one of Hank Pym's old labs just as they were finishing.

    Zelda was mortally wounded protecting her sisters by delaying Mooney long enough for Laura and Jan to escape her body and return to normal size. She died asking Laura to stop holding back, and to see to it that Alchemax was stopped.


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