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An undead Maxi, whose status as a hero or villain is unknown. Zeke's "death" occurred some time in the 1960's, and it is unknown what his status was revealed much later the comics began. Zeke runs (and presumably named) Gate to the Underworld, the local cemetery and presumably the mortuary. He is also seen briefly in the tattler fending anti-Maxi protesters away from the cemetery gates. His bodyshape may imply some relation to Henry Hyde, and in fact, was a "punishment" brought by the same being who granted him a form of "immortality", the demonic "Host". A struggling popstar, an Elvis wannabe, the Ezekiel bargained with a demon for eternal youngness and everlasting life, in exchange for "looking on a little property", supposed to be the Gate to the Underworld. However, as Ezekiel repented and tried to escape, the demon badly disfigured him, thus ending his popstar career, but without taking his immortality, leaving him to be as an half-rotted corpse for eternity.

Zeke is a very obvious homage of the Crypt Keeper, speaking in bad, horror-themed puns, though he has made at least one (unsuccessful) attempt to branch out to "a general thing of Man's inhumanity to Man." As part of this homage, Zeke appears as a half-rotted corpse. He is seldom seen without his pet snake Hamnet, who is generally wrapped around his arm, and whom he talks to when no one is around.

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