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    This mob hitman has trained extensively in various martial arts. His goggles allow him to record and analyze all he sees, and his speed and reflexes are enhanced by cybernetics.

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    Zeiss was created by Ed Brubaker and Scott McDaniel. He made his debut in Batman #582.


    Following the death of his parents, he went to live with his uncle Victor a gardener for a mafia lord. Following his uncle's death the young boy was taken in by the mafia to be raised as a mafia enforcer. Zeiss feeling a debt to the mafia agreed to undergo an experimental surgery on his optic nerves increasing his perception and reflexes into superhuman levels.

    Following the surgery, the mob enforcer moves to Gotham. Penguin enlists the aid of Jeremy Samuels who used to be in charge of the security detail at Wayne Enterprises until the tragedy of losing his family to the mob caused him to his principles to fall in a downward spiral. However, Penguin is just the facilitator between Samuels and Zeiss. Samuels was instructed to case two key locations in the Diamond District. One armored detail is going to be transporting recalled currency while the other convoy is simply making its weekly transfer of gems and precious stones.

    Bruce eventually learns that Samuels had failed to report to his parole officer and figures he is going to pull another job. Bruce then anticipates a few opportunities that might entice Samuels to pull something. As Batman, Bruce positions himself at one transfer in the Diamond District and has Tim observe the other. Suddenly, the armored convoy that Bruce was watching, comes under attack. Batman delivers justice with a mixture of fighting styles which begins to disturb him. Bruce has never gone through so much trouble to dispatch common robbers but these robbers were well trained. Bruce deduces that this heist is simply a diversion that was meant where he becomes the personal body guard of mobster Lew Moxon.However this would not last long, as he allowed Moxon to be critically wounded by Deadshot, while trying to defeat Gotham's vigilante Batman, who defeated him in combat.

    Following his being removed from the Moxon mob, he accepts a offer to become an enforcer for Gotham mobster "Junior" Galante, in his effort to expand into the east end of Gotham, running afoul of Catwoman in the process,nearly killing her in the process.

    During Gotham's gang war he battles Batman in his effort to murder "Orpheus" after being hired by Henry Aquista. Batman ultimately defeats him, but is forced to disarm a bomb putting Zeiss under Orpheus's watch, who is unknowingly Black Mask who sets him free to carry a message back to his employer and various other mob bosses.

    After which he heads to Gotham's East End, where he murders several police officers before being found by the East End's resident protector Catwoman. Catwoman ultimately manages to defeat Zeiss by using a flashbang, which overwhelms his heightened eyesight.

    Powers and Abilities

    Zeiss only power derives from his increased eyesight, to the point of making Batman appear to be moving in slow motion.


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