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Zefra was created by the High Evolutionary to serve as a member of his Godpack ground. Born of the Bio-Pool the High Evolutionary had constructed, she would be a normal human, formerly a criminal who would be imbued with godly abilities and physical traits. After High Evolutionary had crashed to Earth he would have unintentionally caused a vehicle accident, a prison bus carrying convicts crashing injuring many inside. High Evolutionary would save them putting them into stasis chambers to use for his genetic endeavors. Zefra would be one such product. Zefra's unique godly ability would be incredible swiftness and super speed. Zefra would be one of the last Godlings created alongside Anak and Riger both created in a Bio-Pool in Wundagore. She would serve alongside Blitziana inspired by Thor, Luminor inspired by Balder, Loga inspired by Loki, Bellam inspired by Tyr, each member of the Godpack inspired in part by a mythological deity or figure of the past.

They were not the only creations of the High Evolutionary, so were his New-Men Simbus, Tantaro, Urson-Wellz, who grew jealous of the Godlings and the High Evolutionary's seeming favoritism towards, and so would regularly clash with them. The High Evolutionary would notice the natural resentment his two sets of creations would hold towards each other and secretly manipulate both to continue opposing each other encouraging them to attack more to sate his own curiosity as to which group was superior. Eventually Zefra and the Godpack would get to meet and bond with the Thunder god Thor and become allies of the Asgardian as he would ally and aid them as well.


Zefra is a Marvel comic book character. Zefra was created by Roy Thomas and M. C. Wyman in 1994 and first appear in Thor #475. Zefra would be a member of the Godpack, a team that would first appear in Thor #472 also under the direction of Roy Thomas and M. C. Wyman. It is likely that Zefra is loosely inspired by or based on Hermod, although unlike the majority of the Godpack whose mythological inspiration is stated outright this was never made clear with Zefra.

Character Evolution

Zefra would appear as supporting character primarily utilized in Thor comics. Zefra was created alongside a few new characters all introduced in the same relatively short time span, essentially designed following godly archetypes inspired by real life mythological characters, these characters were apart of the Godpack. Zefra serving as a god of speed and swiftness. Zefra would never be the focus of any story, only featuring and interacting alongside her fellow Godpack team members, High Evolutionary and Thor. Zefra would be one of the more laid back members of the Godpack, and even casually flirt with Thor. After a new creative team change Zefra and the majority of her Godpack team members would cease to appear and have yet to appear in any other story.

Major Story Arcs

Godpack VS The Animutants

Man-Beast had take command of the New Men rebranding them the Animutants to oppose the High Evolutionary's Godpack. Man-Beast would even rename himself Karnivor. Zefra would be the first of the Godpack aware of the ensuing attack and race to warn them, attacked in the process.

The Living Stone

Zefra and the Godpack must aid Thor god of thunder.

Godpack VS New Immortals

The High Evolutionary's former creations the New Immortals attack Zefra, Thor and the Godpack.

Hel on Earth

Kurse has temporarily taken control of Hela's domain of Hel, and has sent a legion of Hel's inhabitants to Earth to find and retrieve Malekith the accursed. However Kurse is being manipulated, and he believes that Thor is Malekith, and now Thor and Sif must face the combined power of the Midgard Serpent, Fafnir the Giant and Fafnir the Dragon, Nidhogg, Farsung the Enchanter, and several Ice Giants and Ice Dwarves, as well as Kurse and Lorelei. Zefra and the rest of the Godpack appear on the scene ready to give Thor and Sif some much needed aid and support. Zefra would use her incredible speed to imbalance several of the Frost Dwarves allowing Riger to blast them with his laser cannon. Later on in the intense battle however Zefra would fall victim to an ice blast from a Ice Giant freezing her within. The arrival of the Warriors Three and Beta Ray Bill would give Riger a chance to free Zefra from her ice prison and she would be up attacking the enemy. The end of the battle would come when Hela arrived and instructed her monsters to cease attacking. She would discipline Kurse and blackmail Thor leading to her departing Earth with her undead and Thor, Zefra and the Godpack leaving with the High Evolutionary.

Powers and Abilities

Zefra possesses extraordinary swiftness, super human levels of super speed, as well as general enhanced physical statistics, including enhanced strength and durability. Zefra is potentially immortal, designed as such by High Evolutionary. When trapped in a block of ice Zefra was able to vibrate her body to stay warm and alive.


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