Character » Zeeshan appears in 7 issues.

    Zeeshan is a Pakistani-British college student who develops a freaky mutation. The reaction of his friends and peers causes him to commit suicide.

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    Nothing before his mutation is known. Zeeshan was hanging out with his two friends. They were playing a game of truth or dare, Zeeshan being the adventurous type chose the dare more than the others, even snorting chili powder. His friend had said that his wild sex fantasy was to have sex with a mutant, Zee explained that he once had a book that should pages of disfigured mutants. Soon afterwards Zee's powers activated and his face began to melt, his friends thought it was hilarious and began taking pictures of him. They dubbed him the Liquid-Face boy. They posted his picture online and he quickly went viral. Having see himself and what his friends were doing he killed himself without knowing that Hope was on her way with the team to save him.  


    When his mutation activated his face began to melt. It is unknown what his true mutation would have been if he did not kill himself.

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