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The Wolf-Man

After Wolf-Man is mauled by a werewolf, Zechariah appears offering help controlling Gary's Wolf Form. He trains him for three weeks before bringing Gary to the tailor to get a special costume. He also hypnotized workers so they think they're building a mall when they're really building some kind of base for The Wolf-Man.

Two weeks after a the full moon where Gary killed another hero. Zec finally reappeared after vanishing and was attacked by a wolfed Gary. He regained his composure and explained that he knew it would happened but didn't think he'd kill anyone significant, specifically Chloe Hampton, Rebecca Hampton, Maria or Dunford; however, he did not think he would kill one of the heroes who had helped him earlier. Gary apologized and said he would start patrolling soon. The next night, Zec and Gary returned to crime fighting and busted a D-list villain, Thrill Kill, using the new Wolf-Car driven by Zec. Apparently it has a launchpad on the back to shoot Gary onto rooftops where he pursued Thrill Kill. However, when Gary returned he found Zec being held captive by other werewolves who called Gary "Elder Breed". Together they defeated the werewolves who ran away saying they were not prepared to fight an "Elder Breed". When Gary asked him why he waited till the last minute to use his misting ability he said he prefers to use it as a last resort to surprise his opponents. Then Gary questioned him about what had happened and Zec explained he's lived a long time and has done questionable things he is not proud of then left Gary.

Days later Zechariah and Gary head out again, but get attacked by the same werewolf pack from before. The pack fights Gary until Zechariah steps in to defend him. When he comes in the leader of the pack argues with him about what he'd done. Eventually the leader announces that Zec killed a young, female werewolf for her strong blood. Gary asks if it is true and Zec admits that it is. Saying that, although they were once friends, his blood lust was too strong. He starts making excused but Gary doesn't want to hear it. The other wolfs start to say the only reason Zec is helping Gary if for protection form them. Gary flips and slices off Zec's head. The wolf pack commemorates him and leaves the body for Gary to properly dispose of. Zec returns to Gary through a ball of mist, revealing that his death was a ruse to fool the pack. Gary again asks if he had killed a young werewolf and Zec confirms it once again. Zec begins to defend himself, but Gary reconciles him saying he doesn't need to. The two depart on good term ready to get back together the next night.

Zechariah returns to his house and starts telling someone or something he is completely drained; he continues to say that even though he had hoped to save him for a special occasion he is near death. He is revealed to be holding Sergeant Superior captive.

Zechariah finally explains to Gary why Jacobson him "Elder Brood." It is cause Gary was attacked by an elder which are the oldest and most powerful werewolves. After Gary's battle with Construct they both decide to search for the elder who attacked him.


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