Character » Zawavari appears in 24 issues.

    A Wakandan witchdoctor who assisted the Black Panther at a time of need.

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    Zawavari honors the "old ways", he is a strict adherent to the use of magic and all it can do shunning technology. As a result of this he is not very highly rated amongst the technology loving Wakandans, even the young king  T'challa.
    In his youth he knew  T'Chaka  and the Queen Mother it is also suggested he knew T'Challa's mother.
    In modern day he lives in wakanda in an isolated complex by himself only sought out when all other options have failed. It came as no surprise to him however when The queen mother and Storm arrived to seek his help in rescuing T'Challa from the brink of death. He assisted but in doing so he made the royal family indebted to him and tested the metle of the new Black Panther.
    After T'Challa's return he assisted him in gaining additional powers and strength through his magics. It is unknown what his motives are though he clearly has his own plans in all of this.

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