Character » Zawadi appears in 9 issues.

    Native Wakandan who ate the same Heart-Shaped herbs grown in the hidden valley of Wakanda that have been eaten by the Panther Cult and the Black Panther.

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    After eating the herbs she received super senses, strength, agitlity, and endurance. Has powers comparable to the Black Panther, but is less skilled and experienced in martial arts, fighting, etc. Her name means "Precioius Gift".

    Helped Ulysses Bloodstone defeat T-Rex, and joined "The Monster Hunters". Was with the team on most of their adventures including beating Kro and his many monsters of "Monster Island". Lived through the battle against the Skrull monster that killed most of the team, but waas defeated, with much help by the "First Line".

    After the battle with the Skrull monster the remaining Monster Hunter's disbanded, and Zawadi was never seen again.


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