Zatanna: Everyday Magic #1

    Zatanna: Everyday Magic » Zatanna: Everyday Magic #1 - GN released by DC Comics on April 2003.

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    This is the only modern story to explore the romance John Constantine once had with Zatanna, we see a mild tension even if the past relationship is not truly talked about. He shows up back in Zatanna's life asking for her help. John Constantine was cursed by one of Zatanna's rival magicians (Nimue Ravensong). John Constantine seems helpless the whole story and needs Zatanna to save the day.



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    Zatanna and the Dangers of Unprotected Sex 0

    This was a comic I was really excited to read. It had Zatanna and it was written by Paul Dini how could I not love it. I began reading it and it was really funny and it had John Constantine in it and I really couldnt wait to see the two of them interract with each other. Though around the halfway mark things just didnt feel right. Many of the characters just felt off and the tone itself didnt feel right for Zatanna. The story felt needlessly edgy with more swearing, drinking, and sex. At times i...

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    What have they done to Zatanna 0

    This is just an unclean comic, why because it features a character from the more light-heart (To some extent anyway) DC Comics (Something which includes characters like her who'm are well-known and beloved by children btw as previously adapted into toys and cartoons) and making her join the raunchy more potty-mouthed vertigo comics, which turns her into something along the lines as well. Just saying there's a time and a place... for certain characters....

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Read this for a Zatanna Fix not a John Constantine Fix 0

    This book is a rare release that saw Zatanna in the Vertigo world.  Fanboys rejoice!  Everyone's favorite magical eye candy now told in an Adult story.    This is a great Zatanna story.  You can see Paul Dini's love for the Character.  He makes her strong! He makes her fearless!  He makes her a led in a series, something that wasn't seen for a long time.  This story seemed like a Hellblazer script in reverse, it is not told in John Constantine's prospective, but Zatanna's.  This unfortunately mi...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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