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Viva Las Vegas

After dealing with Brother Blood, Zee head to sin city Las Vegas to perform some shows, but ends up with more than she can handle.
This issue doesn't waste time to introduce the Royal Flush Gang as they showed up on the first few pages. But besides Zee easily taking down the gang, there's a trio of hot (literally) flaming women that provide a painful challenge to Zee compared to the last issues.

I enjoyed the interaction with Zachary and Zatanna as instead of a cousin like relationship, its more of a sibling relationship with Zee as the older responsible sister and Zach as the irresponsible spoiled little brother. The scene with them I felt was needed humor as I didn't see much of it in the last few issues.
Stephane Roux's cover artwork looks great, but instead of doing the artwork for the issue, There's a new art team for this arc as Zatanna never looked better. It looks nice and fluent with a lot of colors. To be honest, I'm glad that Zatanna lost the cape.

After the battle with the Royal Flush Gang, the issue falls a little flat with some dialouge, but picks up later especially the end. 
I hate repeating myself from the last three issues, but some might be annoyed by Zee's backward spells. Its not hard to figure out what she's doing, but if you're new to this character or series, you might stop to find out what's she's saying.
Overall, this is a pretty good start for this arc. This is some of the predicaments that are needed. It will be interesting to see how she will get out of the situation she's in. Maybe her cousin might help her out? Good read.

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