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    Zatanna » Zatanna #1 released by DC Comics on July 2010.

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    Finally her own solo series.

    Let me put this plain and simple.  If you are a fan of Zatanna in any way shape or form, you might want to consider picking up this book.  The art is very pleasing to the eyes and Paul Dini writers this quite beautifully I think.  We have a good introduction to Z's personal life as a show magician, for anyone that might not be too familiar witht  the character.  The conflict in this issue is self contained which is nice, but yet in the end leaves it open for some "trouble" down the line for Zatanna.  In conclusion this seems like its shaping up to be the series a character like Zatanna deserves.

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      The Short and Sweet Review  The Good - This is my first introduction to Zatanna, and i loved it! Its nice to see a strong women character! -Paul Dini is a wonderful writer, he really brought out her character. shes a very interesting character. And Dini showed how strong and independent she is cause she was kicking evil guy a$$ with no worries. overall though good, solid writing style! - Artwork: it was very vivid and had a lot going on in some panels, but it worked well. esp the murder scene wa...

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           Story We start the very first issue out with Zatanna performing a show. Later a detective takes her to a scene of a very gruesome and strange crime. The murders look like magicians did them. A waiter who survived is still there and Zatanna reads his mind to see what happened. Brothernight and his crew did the crimes. Zatanna confronts them in the Underworld. She defeats anything they throw at her and threatens that if anything like this happens again she will use force. At the very end, B...

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