Zarrko the Tomorrow Man

    Character » Zarrko the Tomorrow Man appears in 128 issues.

    A mad scientist from the 23rd century that has mastered time travel and seeks to use it to conquer reality.

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    Zarrko was an evil genius, who was born in Old New York of the future 23rd century. This New York is a peaceful, quiet place, lacking weapons and strife. Zarrko was once a civil servant, until he built a time machine to travel to more primitive times, where he could steal nuclear weapons for his use in conquering the 23rd century. He has used his scientific mind to build robots, a time machine, and other weapons for his own use. His plans are usually foiled by Thor, the Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man.


    Zarrko was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby in 1962 and first appeared in Journey Into Mystery # 86.

    Character Evolution

    Zarrko as a character has not been developed much past the maniacal, scientific genius who wants to conquer the world. He was the first in his country to commit a crime, as he says himself, "I alone, of all the spineless milksops in this century, dared to commit a crime! And, if you do not halt, I will pull this lever and commit another!"

    Zarrko's plots were later revealed to have been completed to stop a future Thor from oppressing the human race as their king, making his actions somewhat more heroic. After his final plot fails, Zarrko only wishes to settle down in a quiet place with enough food.

    Major Story Arcs

    Zarrko was a genius from the future, who built a time machine to travel from the 23rd century to more primitive times. His first evil plan involved stealing a cobalt bomb, however Thor pursued him back to the 23rd century and defeated his robot servants. He recovered the bomb, crashed Zarrko's ship by conjuring a storm, and saved the world. Zarrko lost his memories in the crash, becoming an amnesiac However, later, Loki restored his memories.

    Zarrko next returned to the 20th century with a giant mining robot, which was able to defeat a depowered Thor. Zarrko threatened to attack Thor's century if Thor did not come forward in time and help Zarrko overthrow the government of the 23rd century. Thor obeyed him and caused destruction and chaos in the 23rd century, traveling with Zarrko to the ruling World council. However, Thor eventually became free of the bargain after defeating a robot octopus, and, free from his debt, imprisoned Zarrko.

    Kang later tried to conquer the 23rd century; Zarrko fought with him, enlisting the aid of the Avengers. Spiderman and the Inhumans went to the 23rd century and defeated both Kang and Zarrko.

    Zarrko's plots later were revealed to have been attempts at saving humanity. In the future, Thor had separated from his human counterpart, and as thus, no longer understood the need for humans. Thos became a tyrant, imposing upon humans, believing that ruling them was the right thing to do. Thus, Zarrko traveled back in time to stop Thor before he became all-powerful with the Odin-Force.

    When the Governments of Earth attacked Asgard, Zarrko attempted to flee but was stopped by Thialfi.

    Zarrko's attempt at time travel was a large part in giving Thor another future where he did not separate from his human self.

    Zarrko later disguised himself as a servant to the heir of Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom, in this future story, had become a member . Zarrko was soon discovered pretending to be the servant; he brought several heroes from different times to fight it out. Eventually he escaped and decided to settle down, wanting only a quiet place to live and plenty of food.

    Powers and Abilities

    Artur Zarrko is a scientific genius. He has taken advanced studies of several applied sciences, including nuclear physics, robotics, electronics, and biology. He is also a skilled engineer and designer, building several robots and other weapons.

    Gadgets/ Inventions

    Time Scope- Allows Zarrko to peer into different timelines.

    Time Cube- Zarrko's time machine, allowing him to travel between the 20th and 23rd centuries.

    Radical Time Stabilizer- A machine that could absorb the power of Mjolnir, Thor's hammer.

    Mining Robot- a 23rd century robot, incredibly durable and powerful. It was used by Zarrko to defeat a depowered Thor.

    Servitor- a giant robot, able to discharge concussive blasts and also time missile; the time missiles contained chronal radiation, which reverses the flow of time.

    Zarrkon has also used and designed radiation guns, forcefield blasts, and other high-tech weapons and devices.


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