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    Zarek is an Imperial Minister Kree of the Supreme Intelligence. He was recently in the Annihilation crossover.

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    Zarek is a High Minister for the Kree and was one of the leaders of the Lunatic Legion 1, he is a bigot against pink-skinned Kree. Born an aristocrat his authority was second only to the Supreme Intelligence. His hatred for the pink skinned Kree was strengthened by the increase of pink skinned Kree and their improving status among the Kree. Zarek harbored a particularly strong hatred for Captain Mar-Vell. After the Inhumans took their place as leaders of the Kree Empire, Zarek began to devise a plan to overthrow them, believing the Kree should maintain rule of their great empire. With the help of Doctor Vere, they are currently building a machine to control the Alpha Primitives and use them to revolt.


    Zarek is a Marvel comics character who was created by Stan Lee, Gene Colan and Frank Giacoia. The Kree character first appears in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 released in 1967. Zare differs from most Kree characters by lacking a hyphenated name. Zarek recently returns in the 2006 Annihilation series Annihilation: Ronan.

    Major Story Arcs

    Impersonating Zo

    One particularly intricate plot of Zarek to discredit pink skinned Kree involved teaming with his occasional ally Ronan the Accuser. Targeting the hero Captain Mar-Vell, Zarek would use advanced magnetic rays to manipulate the course of Mar-Vell's ship while in flight. His new trajectory would send the Captain on a much longer journey designed to test and strain Mar-Vell's mental fortitude. Mar-Vell would also be rerouted towards an out of the way planet, still falling under Kree jurisdiction. Zarek would use a Kree sensory illusion chamber to appear to Mar-Vell masquerading as a powerful cosmic being known as Zo. Zo would appear to rejuvenate and empower Mar-Vell and give him new directions, by ordering Mar-Vell to stop an ancient Kree pagan god Tam-Bor. This would be a rouse however, as Zarek and Ronan had outfitted Tam-Bor with a bomb designed to destroy Kree-Lar. Mar-Vell would become aware of the bomb before its explosion and reveal Zarek and Ronan's wrong doing, which would lead to the Supreme Intelligence arresting them.

    Guardians of the Galaxy (2014 film)

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    Minister Zarek is asked by Nova Prime to take immediate action or publicly condemn Ronan's malicious acts of violence against the Nova Corps outposts throughout the galaxy. Zarek acknowledges the peace treaty between Kree and Xandar but ignores Nova Prime's request by exclaiming that Ronan is her problem.

    Powers and Abilities

    Zarek possesses standard Kree physiology and powers, possessing slightly superhuman levels of strength, durability, speed and stamina. Zarek is a blue skinned Kree, and harbors an intolerance of the pink skinned Kree. Zarek possesses superior reflexes to the average human. Zarek has battle experience having trained with the Kree militia. Zarek has access to highly advanced Kree technology, such as weapons and airships. Zarek is a seasoned and accomplished politically within Kree politics.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6' 2"

    Weight: 250 lbs

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Bald


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