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Zara was one of the various jungle girls emerging in the wake of Sheena's popularity. She was reportedly brought up in the jungles of Africa by her widowed father. He deemed the cities of the world too corrupt and crime-ridden for a young girl to be safe. She was taught to live in the wilderness and to rely on no help for survival. She carried a bow and quiver, using it to both hunt and fight.

In her first appearance she helped Captain Jeff Graves of the colonial army in his efforts to stop a savage conflict between two local tribes. They found out the war was orchestrated by Bwana Gombo. Gombo was a white man whose actual cause was to weaken both tribes. He would then take over the tribes and the lands with the help of a few mercenaries. In the next issue Zara and Graves faced Arab slave traders.


Zara is a Marvel comics character that was first introduced in Mystic Comics #2 released in 1940. She is jointly created by Newt Alfred.

Powers and Abilities

Zara possesses no extra powers or abilities, but instead possesses an extremely high level of fitness and athleticism for that of a human. A skilled and capable hand to hand fighter Zara also possesses ability and skills as an archer. Zara has survived and lived in African jungles and is thus a capable survivor and hunter.


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