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    The legendary lightning bird pokemon.

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    Zapdos is the legendary bird of lighting. He was captured by a villain named Lawrence III in the movie Pokemon 2000. In the video games Fire Red and Leaf Green he is found in the power plant at level 50. Zapdos is one of the three legandary birds. It is at number 145 on the Pokemon list.


    • Type: Electric/Flying
    • National Dex no.: #145
    • Japanese name: サンダー Thunder
    • Classification: Electric
    • Ability: Pressure (opponent's moves use 2 PP) [Normal] / Lightningrod (all Electric-type moves are drawn towards this Pokémon, and its SpAtk rises by one stage for each hit) [Dream World]
    • Base stats: 90 HP/90 Atk/85 Def/125 SpAtk/90 SpDef/100 Spd
    • Gender ratio: Genderless
    • Height: 5ft 3 inches (1.6m)
    • Weight: 116.0lbs (52.6kg)

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