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    A manifestation of it's owner's soul, the Zanpakutō is the primary weapon that a Shinigami, Arrancar and Vizard uses in the Manga series, Bleach.

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    The zanpakutō is a spiritually powered weapon most often used by the Shinigami, Arrancar and Vizards. It manifests itself into a weapon that is unique to the wielder. The spirit of the zanpakutō is also part of the wielder's soul and can sometimes share the same personality.

    In the Bleach mangas many of the Soul Reapers and Arrancar can alter their Zanpakutō's appearance by releasing the Zanpakutō's full power.

    A Soul Reaper's Zanpakutō usually reflects personality and power. An Arrancar's Zanpakutō can take up the form of their hollow powers. Some Zanpakuto's can alter it's user's appearance upon release.

    Other Zanpakutō cause physical damage or halt other's abilities. Zanpakutōs can also be used to create power blast that, based on the wielder's strength, can cause devastating damage capable of leveling whole buildings or more.

    A Zanpakutō has three stages that they can exist in, and each stage has a different appearance.

    User specific

    In an interview Tite Kudo revealed that the Zanpakutō will react differently according to whomever is wielding it. He stated that if Renji was to hold Ichigo's Zanpakutō, and vice- versa, then Renji would think that it was heavy. In the same way Ichigo would find Renji's unsealed Zanpakutō to be heavy as well.

    Sealed State

    The sealed state of the blades are the forms that most Zanpakutōs are carried in by the Soul Reapers and Arrancar when not in use. The sealed state is the weakest form of the Zanpakutō. In this state the Zanpakutō looks like an ordinary katana, and can even be unsheathed and still be sealed.


    The initial release is the first evolved form of the sword. When in the initial form of being released a Zanpakutō usually changes shape. Sometimes it even changes to a form other than a sword. Soul Reapers like Aizen don't change their swords form, while others like Byakuya Kuchiki changes his sword into blades the size of cherry blossom petals.

    On the opposite end of the scale there are Soul Reapers who don't know how to seal their Zanpakutō, Like Ichigo and Kenpachi Zaraki. When an Arrancar release their Zanpakutō's initial release their Zanpakutō takes the form of their hollow powers. An Arrancar usually has a part of it's body change back to Hollow form.


    The final release form of a Zanpakutō is called the Bankai form. In the Bankai form a Zanpakutō is in it's most powerful form.

    Most zanpakutōs take a form that best aids the user in battle. Maintaining Bankai can be a very tedious task for the wielder and drains their power away. Bankai is a form that requires the person who wields the Zanpakutō to be able to communicate with each other. This can be from turning into a giant monster that the wielder controls and feeds spirit power to.

    Other Bankai releases, like Ichigo's, change the wielder's body and gives a big jump to a person in any strength or weakness.

    Vizards Zanpakutō

    Vizards are humans who can use the powers of both a Soul Reaper and a Hollow. Like Soul Reapers Vizards can use their Zanpakutōs for their primary source of power. They can unseal and seal their Zanpaku- tos too. Ichigo's Zanpakutō reveals that it is in fact also his Hollow that exist inside of him. Vizard's Zanpakutōs are in this revelation the source of the Vizard's power, combining with the masks that they wear to personify when they are in use of Soul Reaper powers and Hollow powers.

    Arrancar Zanpakutō

    When Arrancar unleash their Zanpakutō they are releasing the seal that has kept their Hollow powers locked away. By releasing their Zanpakutō they will partially transform a part of their body to what their Hollow form and gain full control of any powers that they had as a Hollow.

    List of Soul Reapers with named Zanpaktou

    Soul ReaperTypeShikaiBankai
    Byakuya Kuchikin/aSenbonzakura - The blade splits into many cherry blossom shaped slivers of metal and can shred an opponent.Senbonzakura Kageyoshi - A much larger version of the Shikai's ability. The bankai is mentally controlled and can be used for offense or defense
    Chojiro SasakibeElementalGonryomaru - The ability is unknown though the sword changes into a rapierKoko Gonryo Rikyu - The bankai is powerful enough to effect the weather and is able to manipulate lightning and thunder.
    Genryusai YamamotoElementalRyujin Jakka - The oldest zanpaktou in Soul Society. In Shikai the balde emits fire that can scorth the earth itselfZanka no Tachi - The bankai turns the blade into a scortced katana that reduces anyone slashed by it to ashes
    Gin IchimaruMeleeShinso - The blade extends to impale a target at high speed.Kamishini no Yari - The bankai's ability is greatly amplified and can extend 13km at 500 times the speed of sound.
    Hanataro YamadaKidoAkerio Hisagomaru - While in its sealed state it heals the wounds of those it strikes and a red gauge will fill with every healed wound. Once full all the added together damage is released as one single blast and the blade changes to a scalpeln/a
    Hiyori SarugakiMeleeKubikiri Orochi - The blade changes into a cleaver like blade with serrated like teethn/a
    Ichibei Hyosuben/an/an/a
    Ichigo KurosakiMeleeZangetsu - Ichigo's true Shikai after Zangetsu reforging takes the form of twin blades - one the size of his previous sword and one khyber knife. The ability is Getsuga Tensho witch shoots a blast of crescent reitsu at the opponentTensa Zangetsu - The blade condenses to a black katana and Ichigo's speed is drastically improved. The blade now fires a black getsuga tensho.
    Ikkaku MadarameMeleeHyozukimaru - The sword changes to a three sectioned staff with a blade on one end.Ryumon Hozukimaru - The weapon changes into three large weapons connected by chains, a monks spade, a guan do, and an axe blade. the weapon is a mass of power.
    Isane KotetsuElementalItegumo - An unknown ability the is probably ice based.n/a
    Isshin KurosakiMeleeEngetsu - The sword is able to fire a Getsuga Tensho blastn/a
    Izuru KiraMeleeWabisuke - The blade changes to a square shaped hook. The blade then doubles the weight of whatever it hits and the effect is multiplied every time Kira hits something.n/a
    Jirobo IkkanzakaKidoTsunzakigarasu - The blade of the sword changes into many sickle shaped shuriken that can be controlled via telekinesis.n/a
    Jushiro UkitakeKidoSogyo no Kotowari - The blade splits into two small katana connected by a rope with charms. The left blade can absorb energy attacks and the charms accelerate the attack and fire out of the right blade.n/a
    Kaien ShibaElementalNejibana - The sword changes into a trident with a blue tassel near the blade. When swung the trident emits water so every blow feels like being hit with a crushing wave.n/a
    Kaname TosenKidoSuzumushi - The sword has 2 sepcial abilties, one is a sonic attack that knocks out targets and the other launches a barrage of metallic spears at the opponent.Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Korogi - The bankai creates a large black dome where inside only the person who holds the hilt can see, hear, smell, taste, or sense energy.
    Kenpachi ZarakiMelee

    Nozarashi- transforms into a massive Axe massively increaseing the physical power of the user ( unknown relation to the vice captain)

    Kensei MugurumaElementalTachikaze - When released it takes the form of a combat knife and can manipulate air creating air blasts and bladesTekken Tachikaze - The relased turns the blade into a set of shoulder armor connected by large knuckle blades. This greatly increases his strength.
    Kirio Hikifunen/an/an/a
    Kisuke UraharaKidoBenihime - After release Benihime can shoot crimson colored blasts that have a similar energy makeup as a Hollow's ceron/a
    Koga KuchikiKidoMuramasa - After released Muramasa shoots a purple wave out that will cause up to 10 Zanpaktou to turn on their wieldersn/a
    Lisa YadomaruMeleeHaguro Tonbo - After release the sword changes to a staff with a monks spade on one end and a large weight on the other.n/a
    Love AikawaElementalTengumaru - After release the sword would transform into a large spiked club that could ignite itself in flamesn/a
    Maki IchinoseElementalNijigasumi - When released the sword manipulates light for various effects like invisibility, illusions, blades of light, and a light prisonn/a
    Makoto KibuneMeleeReppu - After release the sword changes to a three bladed weapon that is connected by a staffn/a
    Marechiyo OmaedaMeleeGegetsuburi - After release the sword changes into a large spiked bail attached to a large chain making it a ranged weapon.n/a
    Mayuri KurotsuchiElementalAshisogi Jizo - After release the sword changes to a three pronged trident like weapon on a spiked hilt with an inverted baby's head at the base of the blade. The blade emits a paralyzing poison that will stop limbs from working, but not stop pain receptors.Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo - After release the sword transforms into a large caterpillar like creature with a golden baby's head and sword like spines underneath the neck area. this being spews poison gas made from Mayuri's blood.
    Momo HinamoriKidoRobimune - After rlelease the sword becomes straighter and adds prongs to the side of the blade. In this state the blade can fire fireball like projectilesn/a
    Nanao Isen/an/an/a
    Oetsu Nimaiyan/an/an/a
    Rangiku MatsumotoElementalHaineko - After release the sword blade changes to ash that can be directed to slash opponentsn/a
    Renji AbaraiMeleeZabimaru - After release the sword takes the form of many segments connected by a stretchable threadHihio Zabimaru - After release the sword changes into a large bone snake where the segments are connected by Renji's reitsu. Essentially a larger version of his Shikai ability.
    Retsu UnohanaKidoMinazuki - The sword changes into a large stingray creature that can fly and serve as transportation. the ray can swallow people and heal them inside its stomachMinazuki - The blade is covered in a thick dark slime that flows from the blade
    Rojuro "Rose" OtiribashiKidoKinshara - After release the sword becomes a whip with a flower like object on the end. The whip can increase Rose's kido powers or control sound for shockwavesn/a
    Rukia KuchikiElementalSode no Shirayuki - After release the sword turns pure white and gains a long tassel at the base of the pommel. The sword has many moves called "danced" that use ice for a variety of effects.n/a
    Rusaboro "Enryu" EnkogawaElementalDaichimaru - After release the sword changes to two large fists connected by a chain. This sword can manipulate earth for a variety of effectsn/a
    Ryusei "Kenryu" KenzakiElementalBenishidare - After release the sword changes into a large black bokken with flowers growing out of the side. This sword can manipulate flowers for a variety of effectsn/a
    Sajin KomamuraMeleeTenken - After release the sword summons a giants arm and sword every time it is swungKokujo Tenken Myo'o - After release the bankai summons the iant which mimics Komamura;s movements
    Senjumaru Shutaran/an/an/a
    SennaElementalMirokumaru - After release the sword changes to a shinto priests staff and can summon tornadoes.n/a
    Shinji HirakoKidoSakanade - After release the sword grows slightly in length and gains a ring at the end of the pommel allowing the sword to hover around Shinji's hand. The sword emits a smell that inverts up, down, left, right, eyesight, direction of attacks, and where injuries are inflictedn/a
    Shuhei HisagiMeleeKazeshini - After release the sword takes the form of 2 kusarigama like scythes connected by a chain. the weapons can be thrown like buzzsawsn/a
    Shunsui KyorakuMeleeKaten Kyokotsu - After release the sword splits into twin Chinese scimitar type blades. The abilities are ruled based on child gamesn/a
    Shusuke AmagaiElementalRaika - After release the sword gains a hook tip where fire can be charged for a great attack.Raika Goen Kaku - After release the sword becomes a larger version of the shikai with a more detailed blade and a shield like pauldron
    Soi FonMeleeSuzumebachi - After release the sword becomes an assassin blade shaped like a bee stinger worn over the middle finger. The blade will kill a person if they are stabbed in the same place twiceJakuho Raikoben - After release the sword changes into a single shot missile launcher.
    Sojiro KusakaElementalHyorinmaru - After release the sword releases an ice dragon from the tip which can freeze enemiesn/a
    Sosuke Aizen Kyoka Suigetsu - After release the blade will shatter and anyone who sees this will fall under its spell. Aizen can project realistic illusions that cannot be broken by normal meansn/a
    Tenjiro Kirinjin/an/an/a
    Tetsuzaemon IbaMeleen/an/a
    Toshiro HitsugayaElementalHyorinmaru - After release the sword releases an ice dragon from the tip which can freeze enemiesDaiguren Hyorinmaru - After release Hitsugaya gains ice armor and wings over his body and the ice effects of his sword are increased
    Yumichika AyasegwaKidoRuri'iro Kujaku - After release the sword blade splits into vines that cna ensare opponents and drain them of their energyn/a

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