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    One of three members of Old Hob's Weasels, a group of three mutant girls who were chosen by Old Hob to trade with the Foot Clan in exchange for food, weapons, and winter clothes for the Mutanimals and other members of the Mutant Town. The three escape their captivity and go all over the city in search of food. Because of this, they end up entering Alopex's Shelter where they eat their food and disappear again.

    Later, they meet Lita who begins to interact with them, until Old Hob tries to capture them and Lita escapes from him. Jennika, Sally Pride, and Mona Lisa rescue them from Old Hob and Koya. After this, the other three children introduce themselves as Zanna, Zink and Mushroom.

    Later, when the Splinter Clan moves to the Mutant Town, Zanna becomes a resident of the Splinter Dojo, where she lives with the rest of the Turtles and is educated by them.


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