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Zangoose are a large mammal- like Poke'mon that have the characteristic feature of a mongoose or a cat. They are usually white in colour and have large, red markings on their face, chest and paw that have sharp pointed turns and edges that resemble lighting bolts.  The markings that they possess makes it look like they have been involved in a massive fight and is covered in blood and scars.  Zangoose have two large claws on their front paws that they use as their main weapon in defence. In earlier creations, these claws had a purple colour. They have pink eyes, tufts of fur on their shoulders and a large thick fox like tail. Zangoose also have a pattern of four pink coloured circles on its feet.       
Zangoose are bitter enemies with the snake-like Poke'mon, Seviper and have a never ending battle between them. This rivalry had lasted years and will continue on forever. Zangoose usually walk on all fours, but when they are in battle or distressed they stand on their hind legs. They live in grasslands with trees and mountains and are usually found on Route 114 in the Hoenn region. Zangoose are active hunters and its prey includes Seviper's.   
 The never ending battle
 The never ending battle


 Zangoose has Immunity powers and are immune to poison. When they are poisoned, it increases their health. Zangoose have possibly developed this power over time to deal with their enemies, Seviper who have poisoned fangs.  


 In Other Media


 Poke'mon Animé  
 Zangoose its first ever appearance in the Poke'mon Animé series. They first appeared in the 48 th episode of the Advanced Generation Series entitled ZigZag Zangoose under the control of the Poke'mon trainer,  Nicholai. It has also appeared in the Poke'mon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness as the leader of the Team Razor Wind. In an episode entitled Tears for Fears a group of Zangoose appear before Team Rocket and fought Jessie's Seviper.  Zangoose also appeared briefly in the Glory Blaze episode where Paul found Chimcar being attacked by a group of Zangoose. Because of the way it fought the Zangoose, Paul decided to capture it. 

Manga Comics

Zangoose made its first ever appearance in the manga comic entitled VS Zangoose and Seviper # 1  where it fought its enemy. They them noticed that Ruby and the swimmer were watching and decided to attack them together. Ruby's three Poke'mon balls broken because of Zangoose's claws and Sevipers fangs, and it looked like he was done for. Then his Poke'mon,Feebas saved him from them.

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