Zane Truesdale

    Character » Zane Truesdale appears in 17 issues.

    Zane is Syrus' older brother and a dueling prodigy.

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    Zane is Syrus' older brother, and head of the Obelisk dorms.

    Essentially the big man on campus, Zane was the top student at Duel Academy. Despite his popularity as a duelist, he actually doesn't interact much with the other characters. He often spends time at the lighthouse, staring out at the sea at night, and the only person who ever accompanies him is Alexis.

    He cares about the school and his friends, but only expresses himself in a gruff monotone. He rarely displays affection or even smiles.

    In season 1, he is challenged by Jaden because Jaden is disdained by Zane's cold and insensitive attitude towards his own brother, Syrus. Jaden loses the duel, but what Zane takes away from it is that Syrus has made good friends. Syrus strives to prove to his big brother that he is a competent duelist who belongs at Duel Academy.

    After Atticus Rhodes reappears, Zane is seen hanging around with the other characters quite often.

    During his days at Dueling Academy, Zane was the best dueler. He was unbeatable and a prime target for Jaden Yuki. Zane is very intelligent and keeps to himself. Even though he's brothers with Syrus, he rarely contacts him.

    Zane eventually leaves the school and goes to battle underground with his life on the line. He sheds his school look and acquires a darker and more intimidating look.


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