Character » Zandor appears in 36 issues.

    One of the human leaders of the Herculoids on the planet Amzot (later re-named the planet Quasar).

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    Alongside his wife Queen Tara and his son Prince Dorno, King Zandor is one of the leaders of the Herculoids, a pulp sci fi team of wondrous beasts and their human companions. The Herculoids was a popular animated Saturday morning television series in the 1960s; though its plots were formulaic and uncomplicated, the series more than made up for it with charm, verve, and creativity!

    The Herculoids all reside on the faraway planet Amzot (renamed Quasar for unknown reasons when the series was brought back a decade and a half later).

    When fighting with the Herculoids against alien menaces, Zandar uses a slingshot to hurl exploding energy rocks at aggressors and a round shield he can richoshet until it returns to him like a boomerang.

    King Zandor was often consulted by people in need on their home planet. Zandor demonstrated considerable knowledge about galactic politics and technology, and he had both contacts in the galactic space agencies as well as criminal star-travelling enemies, which has led to fan speculation that he may have been a space patrol officer before he met and married Queen Tara. Zandor is also memorable for being one of the few Saturday morning cartoon fathers to prefer that his son refer to him on a first-name basis.


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