Character » Zamora appears in 21 issues.

    Mother of Zinna and Lynessa. She became evil and was defeated by the Veridian Scepter.

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    Zamora's father was a Realm Knight from one of the mystical realms (not Oz). In Oz he met Zamora's mother. Born of two worlds, Zamora was taught control by her father. Powerful, she was captured by her mother and the mist maidens, who wanted to rob Zamora of her powers. When her father came to her rescue, her father chose her mother above her. Angered, Zamora killed them all.

    As a student at the Abraxis Academy, she was tutored in magic. At the academy, she met Lugg. They fell in love, got married and Zamora became pregnant. However, the Dark One had sent an imposter of Lugg to impregnate Zamora. Zamora gave birth to Lynessa and Zinna, the wicked witches of Oz.

    Driven mad, Zamora was defeated by powerful magicians using the Veridian Scepter.


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