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An little orphan, who somehow wound up in a bandits hideout, where slaves were sold. She was found by Dodola, who escaped with him.

They goed to the desert, where Zam found a boat (that they lived in for years) and a natural fountain (that they got water from.

Zams name used to be Cham, but Dodola renamed him, because she didn`t think it fit him.

Zam started to have sexual feelings toward Dodola, but he didn`t tell her. Dodola knew, though. They didn`t talk about it.

Zam witnessed Dodola practicing prostitution, and then being raped. It traumatized him, but he didn`t tell Dodola.

Zam met a snake who might`ve been a Jinn, that led him to Wanatolias dam. It was full of water. He started to sell it in a nearby village.

Then they got separated from eachother. Dodola was abducted by Wanatolias Sultans stooges, when Zam was getting food from the village.

Zam soon starved to near-death, waiting for Dodola. Then he went to city, to look for her.

He met Eunuchs, and because he was ashamed of his sexuality and the feelings he had towards Dodola, became one of them.

After a long time, he was taken to the palace of Wanatolia, where he was a servant.

He spent years there, without knowing that Dodola was there, too. When he found out, he wanted to be with her again, but he couldn`t.

One day, Sultan had gotten very bored with Dodola and her tricks. He had her stowed to water with other Harem-residents. Zam saved her.

They were swept away by the flow of the water, in to a sewage. Dodola got very ill due to this. She almost died. They stayed witha villager. When she got better, both of them started to live in an unfinished skyscraper. Zam got a job as a worker in Wanatolias water bottle-factory.

After a few weeks, Zam and Dodola spoke about things they hadn`t talked about. Dodola told him that she wants a baby. Zam told of his eunuchness. He walked away, because he felt awful, since he can`t give a baby to Dodola.

He thought about killing himself, but didn`t do so.

He came back, and for the first time, had sex with Dodola.

They had to move away from the skyscraper, bought/adopted an orphan kid and went towards new adventures.


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