Zam Wesell

    Character » Zam Wesell appears in 20 issues.

    A Clawdite bounty hunter, she was the one time partner of Jango Fett

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    Zam Wesell is a Clawdite bounty hunter who uses her shape shifting ability to make countless kills and stealing artifacts and credits.

    Major Story Arcs

    Star Wars: Jango Fett

    When Jango Fett returns to Dreddon the Hutt's headquarters, to collect his bounty for the killing of Vigo Antonin, he discovers the Hutt had already be killed by Zam. The two bounty hunters have a temporary stand off, but when Zam realizes that Jango has killed Antonin and Antonin was the one who hired her, she leaves him, knowing she won't get paid for killing Dreddon.

    Later when on the planet Seylott, after Jango has taken possession of the idol, Zam surprises him from behind. It looks like she has the upper hand but then an alien attacked them both. Jango is able to get away but Zam is not as lucky, it looks like the end for Zam, but Jango returns and saves her. Jango gets off Seylott with the idol and Zam's gratitude.

    Star Wars: Zam Wesell

    Zam Wesell arrives on Kamino and speaks to Jango. She explains that the idol Jango had stolen was going to be used to destroy Coruscant and that he was obligate to help her get the idol back. He reluctantly agrees and goes with her to Coruscant. There Zam changes into a Dug named Fernooda and gets information on Khorda the alien that wants to destroy Coruscant and the republic.

    Zam and Jango find Khorda and with the help of the Jedi Yarael Poof they stop him using the idol to destroy the planet. Zam and Jango return the idol to Seylott and go back to Kamino. There Zam gives Jango a kiss for good luck.

    Alternative Version


    In MAD's version of "Star Bores", Zam is named Damn Weasel, and she is killed by Oldie Von Moldie and Mannequin Skystalker.


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    • Hair: Blonde or Reddish-Bronze
    • Eyes: Yellow
    • Height: 5'5"
    • Weight: 121 lbs.


    • Place of Birth: Zolan
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    • Education: Zam was trained by the Mabari warriors
    • Creators: Zam Wesell was created for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones by George Lucas

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