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Zalkoat is a being created through sheer force of will by Nimraa during that being's time in exile following the death of Dark Earth.


Ya'aka was created by JM DeMatteis and Yvel Guichet. She made her first appearance in Trinity of Sin #1.

Major Story Arcs

The Wages of Sin

Ya'aka is sent by Nimraa to attack The Phantom Stranger. She impales Dr Thirteen with her sword, apparently killing him and enraging the Stranger. The pair fight, and she nearly defeats him, but he is given extra power by Pandora, and manages to crush her and teleport away. She regroups with Nimraa's other servants and joins in the renewed assault on the Trinity of Sin. Later, she is present when the Trinity absorbs and destroys Dark Earth.

Powers and Abilities

Zalkoat is capable of unassisted flight, as well as being superhumanly strong and durable. She is skilled in the use of a sword. She can generate energy blasts from energy used against her in battle.

Weapons and Equipment

Zalkoat carries a flaming sword which can be used to trap the souls of those it stabs.


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