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    Zahra served in the Federation Starfleet as a Yeoman and later promoted to Lieutenant in the 23rd century.

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    History (Kelvin Timeline)

    Operation: Annihilate

    In 2258, Zahra was a Yeoman assigned to the USS Enterprise and was part of the the landing party that accompanied Captain Kirk, Commander Spock and Dr. McCoy to Deneva's capital city. When the landing party came under attack by colonists possessed by blastoneurons, she stunned several of the colonists. Hearing someone scream, they found the blastoneurons. She and Edwards protected Kirk and McCoy as they carried Spock who had been attacked by one of the alien creatures.

    They were rescued by Kirk's brother George Samuel Kirk. When they returned to the Enterprise, she informed Kirk that his brother had returned to the planet.

    Into Darkness

    Zahra aboard the Enterprise
    Zahra aboard the Enterprise

    When the Enterprise encountered "John Harrison", Zahra accompanied Kirk and Spock as they investigated an unusual planet. She was aboard the bridge of the Enterprise when Admiral Marcus and the USS Vengeance arrived to take Khan into Section's 31 custody.

    The Khitomer Conflic

    Zahra attacking a Klingon guard
    Zahra attacking a Klingon guard

    By 2261, Zahra accompanied Kirk, McCoy, Marcus, and Kai when they investigated the attack on the Klingon colony on Khitomer. Zahra and the rest of the landing party were then taken prisoner by Commander Kor and were brought to Qo'noS. As they were being taken to a prison cell, she and Kai were able to free themselves, subdue the guards and take their weapons. As they made their escape they saw a Section 31 team attack the Klingons and were then confronted by Commander Kor before he was killed. They were taken by Section 31 and beamed up to the IRW Raptor One. She was then rescued by the Enterprise but returned to the Great Hall on Qo'NoS with Kirk, Sulu and Kai. Though they were able to subdue the Section 31 team, they were then held at gunpoint by Sulu's sister, Yuki. She and the others then watched as she and the other Section 31 agents double-crossed the Romulans and took the red matter. They were then transported to a Section 31 ship and watched them cause a self destruct program that destroyed all the Romulan warbirds. Zahra and the others were then returned to the Enterprise.

    Parthenon 559

    Zahra participated in the search and rescue operation of a mining personnel assigned on jungle moon Parthenon 559.

    Lost Apollo

    Zahra accompanied Kirk and the landing party to Hinrichs V. There they found evidence in a cave that someone came before them. After leaving the cave, they hear a mysterious roar from a creature. They were then attacked by the creature, but were rescued by Spock and his party.


    Zahra accompanied Kirk and a landing party to a ship, where a wounded alien warned them of a creature. They then took him back to the ship.


    • Name: Zahra
    • Homeworld: Earth
    • Born: 23rd century
    • Species: Human
    • Gender: Female
    • Hair Color: White
    • Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
    • Occupation: Officer
    • Rank: Lieutenant

    Other Media


    Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

    Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
    Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

    Zahra is portaged by model and actress Jodi Johnston in the 2013 film in a nonspeaking role as a redshirt bridge crew member.

    Behind The Scenes

    While Jodi Johnston is only credited as "U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Crew", IDW Publishing's Star Trek: Ongoing comic series set in the alternate reality named her character "Zahra".


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