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In the year 1910, Zadrok organized an expedition to Antarctica. Having arrived there, he pressed on despite the bad weather. Eventually he was unable to convince others to continue on, and all of them tuned back without Zadrok. Driven by the desire to find something phenomenal, he moved on and on; only thing that was able to stop him was death. Meanwhile men arrived back the ship and they prepared to leave, they were not willing to sacrifice the ship to a fruitless journey. Zadrok's wife had promised to her husband that she will wait for him, and she left the ship with some supplies and waited for Zadrok's return. Zadrok being exhausted to the limit fell down to wait for his death. It was then he made contact with god-tech for the first time, it rejuvenated him, after that he believed himself to be almighty. He rushed back to the seaside, where was their ship anchored, but found only his dying wife. He lost her then, not knowing that the power of the god-tech could have saved her. He did integrate with her body; it saved her life but changed her into a monster. Zadrok tried several times to cure her, but all failed. In the end she was locked up in an underwater complex, as a doomsday machine named Kraken.

Now hundred years later Zadrok is the head of Cyberdata, all information runs through him. It is also said that he is the Cyberdata.

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