Character » Zadixx appears in 3 issues.

    Zadixx is an evil alien scientist from Dimension X. He is the inventor of the remarkable device, the Cyclotron, and ruled his home with nuclear war heads.

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    Zadixx is a, rather cocky, alien scientist from Dimension X. The aliens had been watching Earth and it's humanity for an unknown time, wanting the far more exiting planet. His specialty however was in the dimensional field, and invented the Cyclotron. This device allowed them to not only pass over into Earth's dimension, but freeze time itself. On an even more diabolical level, the machine can, at will, evaporate all of humanity. That would allow the aliens to proceed with their evil intentions, be the next busy body New Yorkers. However, their plan had halted when Zadixx began a fierce dictatorship with nuclear war heads and missiles for guard dogs. This eventually led to a rebellion in the Earth colony, and back to their dimension, allowing the humans to restore natural order.

    One notable trait of Zadixx is his ambition for human knowledge, most notably his ambition for rocket science and the idea of orbital space stations, as he explains to the Earthlings.


    Zadixx as no physical powers, as well as the rest of his kind. However, His kind is naturally invisible to the eyes of humans. This was changed though when he activated the Cyclotron, not only allowing them to be visible, but cross Earth's time, reality, and common dimension. Zadixx is also very capable in human weapon engineering, such as atomic weaponry.


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