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Zabuza before going rogue.
Zabuza before going rogue.

Zabuza Momochi, "The Demon of the Mist" was an assassin hired by the multi-millionaire/crime boss Gato. As a child without any training, he was able to kill over a hundred academy trainees all by himself. As he grew older, he became skilled with the sword, Kurikiribocho and became one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, an elite group of Kirigakure shinobi who all wielded a sword with a unique ability. Zabuza's sword, if ever was chipped or cracked, could repair itself with the iron from the blood of it's victims. Zabuza would become disillusioned with the leadership of his village and lead a group of ninja to assassinate it's Mizukage but ultimately fail, forcing Zabuza to leave the village and became a rogue and mercenary. On his journeys, he found a young orphan who had an extraordinary ability to create ice mirrors and travel between them to fight his opponents. He took this young kid in, Haku, and trained him in many fighting styles and making him his own personal weapon and tool.

He would eventually end up in the employ of Gato, who tasked him with killing the bridge maker Tazuna, whom happened to be guarded by Kakashi Hatake and his Genin squad, Team 7. Zabuza first appeared to attempt his assassination right after Kakashi and co. had done away with the Brothers of the Mist, Meizu and Gozu. The ensuing fight between Zabuza and Kakashi was rather long and involved everyone doing something to help fight off the demon. Sakura Haruno guarded Tazuna as Kakashi fought him out on a lake. Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha were busy dealing with one of Zabuza's "Water Clones".

Haku and Zabuza

Fighting against Team 7.
Fighting against Team 7.

Team 7 didn't realize how much trouble they were in until Kakashi was trapped in Zabuza's "Water Prison" technique. Naruto and Sasuke had to develop an elaborate plan involving transformation techniques and diversions, ultimately Zabuza had to release his water prison technique, and the tables turned once more. When Kakashi was finally ready to kill Zabuza, a mysterious masked figure finished the job before him. The figure took Zabuza with him and Kakashi noted that he must have been a tracker ninja for the Mist village. After all, Zabuza was wanted in his home city.


Over his recovering weeks Kakashi deduces that this tracker ninja is just an impostor and is actually in all of this to help Zabuza.

Preparing to use his jutsu.
Preparing to use his jutsu.

After having everyone train, Kakashi and co. (save Naruto) head off to the bridge that Tazuna was supposed to finish and, to Kakashi's deductions, Zabuza and the mysterious tracker ninja, revealed as Haku, were awaiting them. Sasuke took on Haku and Kakashi took on Zabuza. The fight raged on for hours and people eventually both Naruto and Sasuke were trapped inside one of Haku's many deadly Jutsu, a huge room of ice mirrors that he used a kekkai genkai within so that he could teleport form mirror to mirror at extreme speeds, beating them down in the process. Meanwhile, Zabuza was hiding in his mist and attacking silently and swiftly, quite a feat with a sword if that size on his back.

After a lengthy battle with Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Zabuza is defeated by Kakashi with a "Raikiri" (Lightning Blade) . Zabuza and Haku are both killed but before he dies Zabuza shows that he really did care for Haku and not just himself. Zabuza then in an emotional scene gives Naruto advice about being a true ninja.


Kakashi defeats the swordsman once again.
Kakashi defeats the swordsman once again.

Zabuza is later resurrected by Obito along with Haku and the original seven swordsman. He does not wish to be resurrected and tells Kakashi to kill him. Before Killing Zabuza Kakashi admits that it was infact Zabuza who made Naruto into the ninja he is today. Kakashi successfully fights and defeats Zabuza and Haku back to rest.


Zabuza Momochi other wise known as the Demon Hidden in the Mist. He is a human, he is a male. He is 26 years old born on August, 15. His eyes are brown, his hair also is brown. His height is 6'0' and he weighs 159 lbs. His blood is a type A. Even though he is a Jounin he is an elite. He is one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist.


Wielding his famous sword.
Wielding his famous sword.

"Hidden Mist" where he creates thick fog in his surrounding area.

"Water Clone" where he creates a copy of himself out of water.

"Water Dragon Missile" where he creates a powerful jet of water shaped like a dragon.

"Water Prison" where he traps the opponent in a large ball of water.

"Giant Vortex" where he sends a very large volume of spiraling water towards his opponent.

He was also an expert with "Silent Killing," making noiseless movements and finding his targets by hearing alone.

Also possesses the "Kubikiribocho," a large sword that can restore any chip, crack, or break by absorbing the iron in blood. Zabuzas power level is 30.5 almost equal to Kakashi 34.5 at the time.

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