Z2 Comics Announces The Return of Harvey Pekar’s CLEVELAND and Their Fall 2015 Books

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    Z2 Comics, the boutique graphic novel publisher of acclaimed graphic novels by Paul Pope, Dean Haspiel and Miss Lasko-Gross, announced today their fall 2015 graphic novel slate, including a reprint of one of Harvey Pekar’s final graphic novels and three graphic novels. All Z2 Comics graphic novels will be distributed at comic book stores nationwide via Diamond and will be available digitally via ComiXology.

    “Like other Z2 Comics graphic novels-- Paul Pope’s ESCAPO, Dean Haspiel’s FEAR MY DEAR and Miss Lasko-Gross’ HENNI -- the graphic novels we’re announcing today have a strong personal vision, a unique style and independent flair,” said Josh Frankel, Publisher of Z2 Comics. “With the addition of three new books to Z2 Comics, the return of Harvey Pekar’s CLEVELAND to print and the recently announced launch of the Z2 Comics periodical line, this year promises to be our most ambitious yet. And it’s just the beginning.”

    ASHES: A FIREFIGHTER’S TALE written by Mario Candelaria with art by Karl Slominski.

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    (September 22, 2015; $19.99; 120 pages; black and white)

    Matt always had an easygoing life. Girls liked him, his friends were more like family, and being a firefighter came naturally. Then the accident happened. Now, after the loss of his leg, Matt struggles to cope with his new handicap as he attempts to rebuild his shattered family and once budding career. A riveting tale about perseverance, hard work, and overcoming the odds, ASHES is a gripping tale told in stunning black and white.

    “Mario Candelaria excavates the universal truths from everyday life.” - Dean Haspiel (AMERICAN SPLENDOR; THE ALCOHOLIC)

    PAWN SHOP written by Joey Esposito with art by Sean Von Gorman

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    (September 22, 2015; $19.99; 120 pages; full color)

    A widower. A nurse. A punk. A Long Island Railroad employee. New York City is an ecosystem where everybody is connected, if only by the streets they walk on. This original graphic novel is the story of four people, in a city of eight million, whose lives unknowingly intersect through a Manhattan pawn shop.

    Written by Joey Esposito (Footprints) and illustrated with a gorgeous mixture of watercolor and digital elements by Sean Von Gorman (Toe Tag Riot), PAWN SHOP explores the big things that separate us and the little moments that inexplicably unite us.

    “Excels where most mainstream releases have recently faltered by presenting the reader with relatable, remarkable and cripplingly real characters. And we're better for it.” -Bryan Q. Miller (Smallville, Batgirl)

    THE ABADDON written and illustrated by Koren Shadmi

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    (November 10, 2015; $24.99; 240 pages; full color)

    Loosely based on Jean-Paul Sartre’s play No Exit, THE ABADDON is the story of a young man who finds himself trapped in a bizarre apartment with a group of ill-matched roommates. He discovers that his new home doesn’t adhere to any rational laws of nature and comes to realize that everyone living in the apartment is missing crucial parts of their memories and identities.

    “Like nothing else in comics today.” - CBR’s Robot 6

    CLEVELAND by Harvey Pekar and Joseph Remnant

    (November DATE TK; Price TK; 128; black and white)

    A lifelong resident of Cleveland, Ohio, Harvey Pekar (1939-2010) pioneered autobiographical comics, mining the mundane for magic since 1976 in his critically acclaimed series American Splendor. Legendary comic book writer Harvey Pekar’s collaboration with artist Joseph Remnant, titled CLEVELAND, was originally published by Top Shelf Shelf Comics and Zip Comics in 2012 and includes an introduction by Alan Moore. The book presents key moments and characters from the city's history, intertwined with Harvey's own ups and downs, as relayed to us by Our Man and meticulously researched and rendered by artist Joseph Remnant. At once a history of Cleveland and a portrait of Harvey, it's a tribute to the ordinary greatness of both.

    “One of the very greatest works by that unique and irreplaceable American voice, the truly splendorous Harvey Pekar... graced by the impeccable and poignant artistry of Joseph Remnant.” - From the introduction by Alan Moore

    “America’s poet-comic-laureate of curmudgeonhood is sorely missed, but thankfully, this posthumous book, like Hamlet’s father, is here to remind us of the great man, the great Pekar.” - Jonathan Ames, author and creator of HBO’s Bored to Death

    About the creators of ASHES:

    Mario Candelaria (Unlawful Good, Epilogue) is a writer and stand-up comedian who is constantly on the lookout for new and imaginative ways to bring an authentic perspective into his work. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Mario currently resides in suburban Philadelphia where he spends his days honing his craft and trying to figure out what exactly a "Wawa" is.

    Karl Slominski began drawing comics as soon as his tiny, claw-like hand could grasp a pen. A graduate of The Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art, Slominski's prolific DIY inksplatterings have contributed to film & TV as well as illustrating the graphic novels Tad Caldwell & The Monster Kid, Golgotha, and Run Like Hell. He lives on voracious intake of black coffee, rock n' roll, and love.

    About the creators of PAWNSHOP:

    Joey Esposito is a writer and hoarder of things from New England, where he lives with his girlfriend Amanda and their cat Reebo. He thinks Cheers is the greatest television show ever made. He writes comics like FOOTPRINTS , CAPTAIN ULTIMATE, and PAWN SHOP. His work has appeared at Image Comics, Archie Comics, Valiant Comics, and more. He can be found on Twitter at @JoeyEsposito or on the web at joeyesposito.com.

    Sean Von Gorman is an NYC based Comics Illustrator & Writer. known for TOE TAG RIOT, SECRET ADVENTURES OF HOUDINI and his work for the Occupy Comics Anthology w/ such comics legends as Alan Moore, Mike Allred, David Mack. In addition to his comics work, Sean is also a brilliant guerrilla marketer, who has been known to handcuff himself to things and escape straightjackets to promote his work at Comic Shops and Conventions. If you should meet Sean in person, approach carefully as he is very dangerous.

    About the creator of THE ABADDON:

    Koren Shadmi is an Israeli born, Brooklyn based graphic novelist and illustrator. His books have been published internationally and include: IN THE FLESH, THE ABADDON, and most recently: MIKE’s PLACE: A TRUE STORY OF LOVE, BLUES AND TERROR IN TEL AVIV.

    Koren’s illustration and comics have appeared in publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, Wired, BusinessWeek, the Village Voice, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Mother Jones, Playboy, and many others. His illustration work has won several awards at the Society of Illustrators.

    About the creators of HARVEY PEKAR’S CLEVELAND:

    Joseph Remnant is a Los Angeles based cartoonist whose comics and illustrations have appeared in Vice, Juxtapoz, and The Believer. In 2013 he received two Eisner Award nominations for illustrating the book, HARVEY PEKAR’S CLEVELAND. He's the creator of the comic book series, BLINDSPOT, a collection of which will be released in 2015 by Pigeon Press.

    Harvey Pekar was born in Cleveland Ohio, his home all his life. He started writing autobiographical comics in 1972 with AMERICAN SPLENDOR. Pekar captured the magic in the mundane with SPLENDOR stories till his death in 2010. In addition Pekar wrote many Graphic Novels including: CLEVELAND with Joseph Remnant, THE BEATS with Ed Piskor and THE QUITTER with Dean Haspiel.

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