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Zeddemore Washington was first working for the league of assassins to try to assassinate Tim Drake. He was with Owens and Pru. Owens took the shot and at first thought they had killed him. They fought and Z and his teammates escaped due to their use of a flash grenade. Tim Drake though that him and Z may even be equals. They later worked together to try to find Bruce Wayne. All under the orders of Ras al Ghul. Z was somewhat of a leader among the trio of assassins. He and his teammates helped Drake in the musuem against the Wild Huntsman. Drake didn't want their help because they were killers. During the fight, Z became increasingly agitated with Drake's attitude towards The League's use of Leathal force. He says that he, Pru, and Owens are just trying to do their job.

When Drake asked him why he was doing this he said he spent most of his time destroying lives and this time he was going to save one and that intrigued him. He helped Tim when Marines cornered him saying that he was Draper the alias he used while in Germany. Z said that they had a mistake and pretended to be a member of Wayne Industries. Z later found a carving of a bat in a cave wall. He was then killed by the Widower. When the widower slit his throat from behind. He then went on to kill Owens and then nearly killed Tim and Pru. After the killing of the three, The Widower thanked them for playing. The Widower treats killing like a game.

Skills and Abilities

Z is a great leader in the field, and also fiercely loyal to Ras. He is also Tim Drake's equal in hand-to-hand combat.

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