Dragon Ball AF

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Would this come out pretty soon.

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#2 Posted by vance_astro (90012 posts) - - Show Bio

Super Omar says:

"Would this come out pretty soon. "

It's not every coming out.
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#3 Posted by cpt_linger (2978 posts) - - Show Bio

Dragon Ball AF

AF = April Fools silly

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#4 Posted by DEADPOOL (2945 posts) - - Show Bio

Dragonball AF (After Future) was an on-line fan-fiction, from what I heard. In it there was fusions galore and Saiyans could go SSJ5(looks like a SSJ3 version of SSJ4, except the fur is gray and the hair is white).

...Or it was a giant April Fools joke spread around the internet, either one.

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#5 Posted by zee crusher (9067 posts) - - Show Bio

Dragonball af has been talked about since i was i 8th grade I am now in 12th lol give up hope it isn't coming out. It was suppose to come out but the thing was in regular dragon ball goku went to three right?? In af he goes to 5 right?? In gt he went to 4 right? So basically AF couldn't come out because it wouldn't be right he went from 3 to 5 then then they release gt and he goes back to four it would make no sense.

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#6 Posted by Gang$ta-Man (9 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah i think that your right zee crusher.

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#7 Posted by Zenma (5001 posts) - - Show Bio

af will never come to america, but in japan there has been some manga made of about it

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#8 Posted by Lantern Of Hatred (1626 posts) - - Show Bio

AF was an april fools joke in like 2000.

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#9 Posted by theamazingbatman (2728 posts) - - Show Bio

perhaps there will be a new series based on battle of god

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